A sensational celebration of exceptional art, crafts and creativity delighted fans and the curious from all over as Sticky Expo makes its spectacular return last April 20-21, 2024 at the Ground Floor Activity Center Ayala Malls Manila Bay. As the biggest and most diverse edition of this event ever held, Sticky Expo: All Artsy, Craftsy and Sticky, was a pleasant and enjoyable experience showcasing the wonders of art and creativity.

The community’s favorite sticker and art event was back to provide the finest and most enjoyable art shopping experience this summer. Sticky Expo: All Artsy, Craftsy and Sticky, gave the spotlight on works of art that stick while also embracing other arts and crafts that showed off the talents and skills of artisans, artists and crafters within the community.

In a conversation with Organizer Gerry, Sticky Expo: All Artsy, Craftsy and Sticky has been their biggest event yet since it started in 2022, making a significant milestone in the spread and appreciation of various kinds of art. He said that while Sticky Expo has been giving the spotlight on works of art that stick, other forms of arts and crafts have also been included into the exhibition, broadening its scope and appeal to a wider audience.

Sticky Expo has had quite a number of events attracting art enthusiasts from near and far. Organized by artists for fellow artists to showcase and sell their art work, it got to feature fan art, pop culture references, and original artwork. Their level of creativity and dedication is astounding. With thousands of individual pieces of all sizes, colors and genres, attendees got their fill of small pieces of art and crafts they can take home, use and cherish, covering most if not all fandoms.

Sticky Expo: All Artsy, Craftsy and Sticky was a fun and fabulous event that people from all walks of life got to enjoy because of the extremely talented and dedicated artists that are devoted to their craft and made their creations accessible to the public. Many thanks to everyone at Sticky for accomodating our team for our coverage. We hope to see you at their future events, which includes their partnership at PGDX in July 26-28, 2024.

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