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I was really fortunate to have been invited to a particularly engaging cosplay photoshoot last weekend.  It was organized by an avid group of Ranma 1/2 cosplayers and fans.  Most of them, if not all, truly love the series and that was something that I could relate to as I have adored the anime version since the first episode aired on local TV RPN 9 in the ’90s.    Even today Ranma 1/2 has a special place in my heart that always yearns for its, funny, quirky, crazy, but nonetheless lovable characters.




The participants met up at La Mesa Ecopark early in the afternoon.  I caught the cosplayers preparing already.  The costumes may look simple, but all of them have been lovingly crafted and anyone who has ever watched the series would approve of the resemblances.  The props too have been splendidly made as well: from Ukyo’s spatulas, to Shampoo’s weapon’s and ramen delivery case, to Ryoga’s gear.  Oh, and the iconic kettle was there too, but the most important prop present was P-chan, the most lovable stuffed anything ever.




The cosplayers and three photographers went around and took solos and group shots though the priority was with the story scenes that have given Ranma 1/2 its amusing, chaotic and endearing charm.  Even though there was some urgency with the shoot since some need to leave at a set time, everyone still had a fun time, laughing and goofing off at any opportunity.




As we went about the shoot, we shared stories and jokes about the series, acted out funny possibilities, and just had fun interacting with each others’ characters.  It drizzled quite a bit later on, restricting our work area but it never stopped anyone from being creative.




Unfortunately the time came for shoot came to an end later that afternoon, but we all had enough photos and video footage as we took our final snapshots.  Finally the wigs came off and the photo equipment prepared for transport.  Even though everyone wished they had had more time, it was evident that everyone got to enjoy this shoot and already started yearning for another one in the near future.






I would like to thank Carina for inviting me to this shoot, as well as all the other participants for welcoming me there.  Even though that (again) I felt that I forced my way into this one (again), the Ranma 1/2 cosplay group allowed me to take part and have fun with them in the few hours we spent together.  Looking forward to covering their next event, hopefully soon too.




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