On the  continuation of our Cosplay Community series, we present a cosplayer and a photographer who got to collaborate on a shoot based on their mutual admiration of a game and anime series.  Cosplay and cosplay photography are about bringing imagination to life, and in their concept shoot, Persona 4: Chie’s Side Story, they manage to do just that.  Featuring Skyla as Chie Satonaka and the work of Aldrin Kencey Sj of The Lightning Photography.




As an avid fan of the Persona game and anime series,  Skyla has already cosplayed characters from it but Chie Satonaka is particularly special to her.  “She is my favorite character in Persona 4,” she admits.   “Her social link is one of the best in my opinion; we get to see how protective she is.”


“I do have some traits that are the same as Chie’s,” Skyla continues.  “I really have a tomboyish attitude like her, though we are aware of our feminine side.  I hate bugs and she dislikes grasshoppers (well that’s still a bug, right?), and we’re into action movies, particularly the ones with martial arts.”






When asked if cosplaying Chie was difficult, she said it was,but not as hard as some of her previous cosplays.  “Chie is quite challenging as some of her poses her quite difficult to do as some required to look like I’m ready to kick some Shadow’s butt.   However,” she was quick to point out, “she’s really fun to cosplay as she has a huge range of actions that I can copy, unlike some your actions limited by props.”


“I was just a conger and someone who wore some Lolita dresses when attending, but it was until I was in college that my best friend pushed me to try cosplaying some characters. I chose Cloud Strife as my first character that I’ll portray though I decided to do something unique with the character and do a genderbend version instead.






Currently on her 6th year in the cosplay community, we asked her why she still continues to cosplay.  ” I get to enjoy and get a feel as being my favorite character for a day,” she answers.  “It feels so good to cosplay a character you love so much and give them life.”  What makes her keep on coming back for more?  “It makes me happy when she gets to meet people, especially the fans of the same series of the character I’m cosplaying, and they acknowledge your character and tell you’ve done a good job on pulling off the character very well.  Most of all,” she adds, “is seeing the  excited look on children’s faces as they think their favorite character has come to life.”





Outside of cosplay, she tells us of her other pursuits.  “I have been collecting anime/game figures ever since I was a child.  Back then I was more focused on those small Pokemon trading figures, then later focusing now on the bigger scale figures. Aside from that I’m a bit of a frustrated pianist.” She also has her fill of anime and games, which also became inspirations for her cosplays.  “Aside from the Persona related series; I’ve been a fan of Kill La Kill, Digimon series, Log Horizon, To Aru Majutsu no Index series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Guilty Crown, and so many more to mention, and when it comes to games, I’m into the Pokemon series, Valkyrie Profile, Phantasy Star series, Final Fantasy series, DJ Max, and Pump It Up/Dance Dance Revolution.”




Even with her extensive experience, Skyla still thinks cosplay is challenging.  “Roleplaying your character accurately is a big challenge as you need to practice your character’s poses, actions, and attitude, as well as trying to find ways to get your costume done accurately and making the needed props.”  She one day hopes to fulfill her ultimate dream cosplans:  Seth Nightroad of Trinity Blood and Lenneth Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile.


Skyla then tells us of Aldrin, the photographer for this project.  “Sir Aldrin is an awesome photographer.  He’s really nice and he is able to capture how Chie would be on a casual day. It’s really is great to have worked with him as he too is a Persona 4 fan.  There was no need to explain anything as we both know Chie’s personality.”




To her photographer, she has this to say:  “I might have said this so many times before and after the shoot Sir, but really, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to shoot Chie last December.  It was a great year-ender for me since that was my first shoot ever, so yeah sorry also if I was kind of unsure how a shoot goes back then. Also I’ve noticed your photography skills are improving.  Keep up the good work!”




To everyone who has helped her along through the years, Skyla has this to say:  ” I would like to thank my parents as they have been very supportive and usually help me with my props or stuff I need for the costume; my boyfriend Darwin as he always backs me up when I need help.  He’s been a great, supportive boyfriend as he’s been someone I always confide in and helps me when I’m i down.  Also my friends, I would like to thank them as they’re like my second family.  And to those aspiring and/or new cosplayers, just cosplay because you love the hobby, enjoy the event and gain new friends, and if you need any help with stuff you can ask questions to those who’ve been in the community for years (don’t worry they’re nice).



Many thanks to Skyla and Aldrin Kencey Sj for allowing us to share their work.  See more Aldrin’s work at their page The Lightning Photography.  



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