On this special edition of Cosplay Community we feature our premier cosplay model Nicole as Machi of HunterXHunter, photography done by Jeff Ricalde of Jeric Photography.  We have known them for quite a while and we are fortunate to present the results of their efforts in this article.


Cosplay Community is our latest segment where we present the creative and intrepid people who have sought to bring cosplay in the Philippines to a wider audience through their artistry and hard work.  We at wish to feature the cosplayers, photographers, craftsmen, organizers, and groups who have, in their own way, kept cosplay alive and well throughout the years.  The community itself still has many challenges to overcome, but we want to show how it continues to evolve with the energy and dynamism of the people who live and breathe within it.  It is our hope that by doing so, someday, more people will be more understanding and more appreciative of this hobby, this art, this passion for cosplay.




For our  features on the Cosplay Community, we want to present great cosplayer-photographer collaborations.  In the community, there has long been a special and symbiotic relationship between the people in front and behind the camera.  Both are essential to bringing a character being portrayed to life, and their efforts are nothing short of works of art.  

As another school year starts,  Nicole has become busy again with the many challenges of being a student.  She makes time for her other endeavors though, like cosplaying, whenever she has some time freed up.  She has many other hobbies and passions, but cosplay remains particularly special to her.


Nicole has learned a lot from cosplaying.  She says she has become more confident about herself, something she had some trouble with in the past. She has since learned to face and meet different kinds of people, and she has since found new friends who share her fascination and passion for cosplaying.  She says she continues to learn and discover more things each day, and that she has had no regrets at all.


For one so young, Nicole is faced with many challenges at the moment, but she now has the determination and the courage to face them, and has come to appreciate the support she has received from everyone.  Nicole would like to thank her many new friends who have helped her and gave her much encouragement.  She says her world has become bigger and more colorful now thanks to them.


Jeff on the other hand has become more immersed in his practice of photography.  We met him over a year ago when we covered his open photoshoot as he celebrated his first year in photography with his closest friends, being models, cosplayers and photographers.  He has become a prolific artist, going on and organizing many great shoots, particularly with cosplayers, and he has recently reached another milestone of being in his second year in photography.


Many thanks to Nicole and Jeff for allowing us to share their work.  You can be sure we’ll feature them again soon on our website.

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