It was a fun and enjoyable start for the season of summer for the hobby community as one of the most awaited events of the season made its return. The 15th TAGCOM (Toys and Hobbies Convention) once again brought hobbyists, artists, collectors and enthusiasts from all over the country to Megatrade Hall 3 last April 15 to 16, 2023. TAGCOM has been a two-day festivity and gathering of collectors and toy enthusiasts, featuring over 60 booths by toy sellers and retailers as well as many attractions and stage activities that attendees got to love and enjoy.

Always an anticipated event by the hobby community, TAGCOM has always captured the fascination of geeks, collectors and enthusiasts, with lots of items and merch that certainly caught everyone’s fancy. And on its 15th year, TAGCOM stays true to delivering excitement and fascination to the many hobbies and fandoms it has given attendees year after year.

With over 60 booths by toy sellers, retailers and exhibitors, the event once again got to showcase the best in collectibles, toys and comics from here and beyond, catering to a wide spectrum of fandoms. It also had many of its trademark and fan-favorite attractions at the venue. The Collectors’ display and exhibit of life-sized statues, Toy auctions, the Gundam Caravan, and the Artist Alley were a hit among attendees.

While on stage, TAGCOM presented an exciting line up of activities which included auctions, games, as well as Kpop Contests among many surprises and attractions for attendees.

The 15th TAGCOM was a cozy and fun event for collectors, enthusiasts and the curious alike, and we hope they’ll continue to provide geeks, collectors and enthusiasts alike with more fun venues for everyone to enjoy their hobbies to the fullest. has a media partner to Tagcom by Official_Hobbiworx since 2013, and we hope to see you all again at their next event. Many thanks to our Correspondents Nina and Lia for covering the event for us and to Jake for his shots of Day 1.

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