Often affectionately referred to as the community’s first major event of the year, Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special was back to fascinate its loyal fans and attendees with amazing attractions and activities that attendees can join, from various games to art workshops given by impressive guest artists, to a number of very impressive guest cosplayers plus many impressive exhibitors last January 27-28, 2024 at the SMX Convention Center.

Organized by Ozine Events, Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special has traditionally been one of the first major community events of the year which has opened each new year for the many fandoms from far and wide. This event highlighted the creativity of the art community with activities that display artistic skills such as tutorials, onstage demonstrations, product presentations, as well as featured games and contests attractions that attendees can enjoy and learn from throughout the weekend. Special performances also livened up the crowd with act like Yumeshow.

Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special prides itself in the sheer number and variety of booths where attendees got to browse and have their fill of all the merch they simply love and covet, like figures, toys, artwork, cosplay goods, accessories, clothing, and anything and everything in between. With booths and exhibitors all over the main activity area up to the third floor, con goers definitely had their fill of browsing and purchasing the many unique finds throughout the event.

Also making Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special fascinating and engaging were the amazing exhibitors that featured incredible products and merchandise as well as giving away fun freebies.

Of special note was the official merchandise and apparel line of Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International, BLCKBOX.GG by Tier One Entertainment. They featured cool and trendy esports gaming apparel, which included My Hero Academia x Blacklist International collab merch that fans who equally love esports and anime, along with other fun merch.

In and around the stage, Anime Fair Circus had quite a number of stage activities that added to the festive atmosphere over the entire weekend, like the Charity Auction, Cosplay Catwalk, Anime & Jmusic Singing Contest and stage games . They got to involve cosplayers and congoers alike where they got to show their talents and skill as well as anime knowledge.

Headlining the event are two very impressive cosplayers Le Josette and Hakao, along with other notable cosplayers as they joined the festivities and meeting their fans all weekend long.

And of course, arkadymac.com was there for our beloved community of cosplayers who got to enjoy the event and themany attractions that Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special offered. They had memorable photoshoots had their photos taken by attendees and fellow cosplayers, and had fun in the company of people with the same fandoms.

With its many attractions, entertainment and guests, Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special 2024 proved to be a fun and successful event that served as a great starting point for the rest of the year for the community, so make sure you stay updated with the many fun and exciting events that Ozine Fest has lined up this 2024:

arkadymac.com is proud to have been the media partner for Otaku Expo events since 2013. Many thanks to Ozine Fest for accommodating our team. Many thanks to our Editor-in-Chief Jillian, our Correspondent Lia, and our Photographers Chris Mortell and Marvin for covering the event for us.

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