A lively and engaging festival showcasing Japanese culture as well as the bonds between Japan and our country was on full display at Nihongo Fiesta 2024 by The Japan Foundation, Manila last Feb. 24, 2024, Saturday, at Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA. The 51st Nihongo Speech Contest and the RYUKYU BUYO: Okinawan Traditional Dance performance highlighted the event.

The 51st Nihongo Speech Contest was a much-awaited competition by the community as it demonsrated the skill and knowledge of people fascinated with Nihongo as a language. Among the many inspiring speeches, contestant Jacob Noel Fuentabella, got to claim the title of this year’s Grand Champion, winning a round-trip ticket to Japan as part of his prizes.

The RYUKYU BUYO: Okinawan Traditional Dance performance got to fascinatre attendees with their splendid artistry. They also had a special message for Filipinos:

“Ryukyu Buyo is a traditional Okinawan dance that originated in the Ryukyu Kingdom period. The dancers wear vivid costumes decorated with Okinawa’s unique dyed fabric called Bingata, and their graceful dancing to the melody of Sanshin. This time, six graduates of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, the only university in the world dedicated to the inheritance and development of Okinawa’s traditional arts and the creation of new arts, have formed a special group for the performances in Manila.”

Nihongo Fiesta 2024 has been a fascinating event for the many fans of Japanese language and culture that the community got to enjoy and celebrate and strengthens the bond between our countries. Many thanks to The Japan Foundation, Manila for continuing this fruitful endeavor every year.

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