As fascinating as it was engaging to devotees of a bygone era, Ren Faire PH transported adventurous souls to another time and place for a festival the likes of which the country has never seen before. With a multitude of fun and enchanting attractions, activities, games, contests and special guests, Ren Faire PH was historic in size and scope, bringing communities of interests and fandoms together for a whole magical weekend.

The country’s very first annual Renaissance Faire got to summon legions of avid revelers from near and far last March 22, 23, and 24, 2024 at the Carantes Ancestral Forest. With keen and passionate interest from the public and from the media ever since the event was announced, Chairein and the organizers, who themselves have been part of hobby and fan events in the north, said that they have sought to forge a community united in a shared passion for the magical, mystical, nerdy, geeky, and niche with reverence for culture and history, and an open embrace of innovation, creativity, and artistry.

Carrying many hopes and expectations as it was to be the Philippine’s very first annual Renaissance Faire, the event got to deliver on its word that promised an incredibly memorable and historic experience. A Renaissance Faire has traditionally been an outdoor gathering celebrated around the world that seeks to recreate historical settings from medieval times to the Renaissance. Ren Faire PH became a venue for showcasing and promoting 15th/16th century sports, activities and artistic pursuits while incorporating various aspects of Philippine culture to the original concepts of western renaissance gatherings.

Promising a once-in-a lifetime magical experience, Ren Faire PH has assembled the most fascinating activities, attractions, games, special guests and contests from near and far in a celebration that no event before has attempted to bring to the public. Spread over several themed stages all over the venue were activities and programs of much variety, including sensational attractions, fashion shows, performances at the Queen’s Stage, a fabulous assortment of workshops, challenges and shows at the Jester’s Stage, engaging workshops and meet and greets at the Scribe’s Tent, combat and camaraderie at the LARP Camp, plus an assortment of RPG, board games and card games at the activity area, all happening from morning till dusk.

Of special note was internationally acclaimed cosplayer Knite taking part in the festivities with appearances and meet and greets.

And of course, merchants deserve praise too for providing for the many discriminating wants and needs of attendees wit their fabulous merch, art, crafts and a whole lot more.

RenFaire PH was supportive of traditional and homegrown art and crafts, opening up attention and opportunities to a new and receptive audience. was there of course for the cosplayers. Many of them took this fresh and unique opportunity and venue to present their themed cosplays, which could be as whimsical, historically accurate, fanciful or fantastic as much as the cosplayers want them to be.

Ren Faire PH truly was a memorable event where fantasy met history that strove and succeeded in bringing Filipinos an outlandish, festive and immersive experience. Our heartfelt praise to everyone behind Ren Faire PH for a successful event and we wish for more iterations to come. Make sure to stay updated and continue to support them by checking their website: and their Facebook page:

Our thanks as well to Charein, the Baguio Cosplay Community, and Marco for having us cover this event, and for all their help. is proud to be the media partner for the very first Ren Faire PH. Many thanks to our Correspondents Ami and Yanna for covering the event for us.

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