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Welcome to Wonderland: Grand Tea Party 2022

As the biggest Lolita and J-Fashion event of the year, Welcome to Wonderland Grand Tea Party enchanted enthusiasts and the curious alike last September 10, 2022 at the Otacute Wallstreet Event Hall in YOU Suites Recto, Manila. After the successful online event on August 28, 2022 came this much awaited face-to-face convention like no other.

Welcome to Wonderland: Online Tea Party

The biggest Lolita and J-Fashion event (yet) is here in Metro Manila! Welcome to Wonderland hosted their online event on August 28, 2022 via Zoom. It was an intimate online tea party with an Alice in Wonderland theme, wherein you listen and talk to lolita and Japanese fashion enthusiasts.

Commendable Cosplays at Cosplay Carnival 2022

Cosplayers from all over the country missed attending live events where they can have fun and show their love for cosplay, which was why they were enthusiastic in attending Cosplay Carnival 2022 last April 30 and May 1, 2022 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. These cosplayers brought their best costumes and props as they shared with the crowd and with each other the fun and pleasure that their hobby brings, and we admire them all for their passion.

In the course of our coverage of Cosplay Carnival 2022 as official media partner, the arkadymac team wishes to make special mention of some of the cosplays that caught our attention.

Quarancon 2020

In the midst of the Metro Manila enhanced community quarantine, five creative people had the bright idea of organizing a convention, complete with meet-and-greets, cosplay competition, games and prizes.

Quarancon Facebook logo

Quarancon is a portmanteau of “quarantine” and “convention” and was organized by Danielle Pebbles, Akiru Akari, Gabbie Lapinid, Natsumi Coser, and Shaniel Jasper Lewis Manzano.
With the enhanced community quarantine in effect, different organizations had to postpone, or worse, cancel their events. This news dispirited people, especially from the cosplay community (coscomm), who were looking forward to showcasing their cosplays and interacting with people from the community.

*Miss Aoka was not able to join the meet-and-greet.

Arkadymac had the opportunity to interview the Quarancon organizers.

Q: What made you take the initiative to organize Quarancon? What was the motive behind Quarancon?
A: Making QuaranCon was mostly out of fun, especially since half of the conventions were being pushed to a different month due to the pandemic. So, we thought, “Why not make an online con? People are mostly online nowadays, it’s not a bad idea”. We also want others to have a bit of fun while we’re in quarantine.

Q: When the quarantine and lockdown in Metro Manila get lifted, what will happen to Quarancon? Can we expect similar online events even after the quarantine from the organizers?
A: For now, we’re unsure. After all, this convention was made for the quarantined con-goers and cosplayers. But once this quarantine period is over and we are able to attend conventions once again, who can say? We are planning to make another, perhaps around -ber months. But for now, let’s see how the flow will go.

Q: How was the experience handling Quarancon 2020? Any insights or assessment you want to share for everyone in the community, especially those who wish to become organizers themselves?
A: The experience was a wild ride, especially since it started from a small (joking) idea to something big. We get to have guests, as well as a lot of people participating. Though there were some hectic moments, the overall experience was fun and memorable.
QuaranCon was made for us who’s now mostly online. But of course, without our participants, our organizers, media partner and guests, this wouldn’t be made possible, and we’re so grateful and thankful for this opportunity. Though it was a bit hard to manage at first, eventually it all came together.
To those people who’d like to become organizers for this kind of event, first, plan ahead of time and schedule everything properly. Always have a solution for every possible problem. And well, have fun, of course! Cosplay Correspondent “Nina” Lucia cosplaying C.C. of Code Geass won QuaranCon PH 2020’s Best Cosplay Completion. The award was made possible by The Asylum Photography.

Quarancon was done via Skype on March 21-22, 2020. Due to the 50 person call limit the application allows, the event underwent a first come first serve basis to the participants.

Cosplay Feature: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai by Lucia and Jiggy


The hasn’t had our own cosplay shoot in a long while, so we were glad to have had the chance to do one based on the hit anime series Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, featuring our Cosplay Model Lucia as Mai Sakurajima with Jiggy as Sakuta Azusagawa. 

The First-ever PH Anime Idol Convention: AICON 2019


The Philippines had its first Anime Idol Convention, AICON, last January 12, 2019, at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig.  The event was, as the name suggests, filled with idols, particularly ones from anime series or movies.  Fans were free to cosplay and admire their favorite idols, and a good number of them got to show off their talents as well .as they participated in the many exciting and enjoyable contests on stage.