The mere mention of “Rayearth” fills my heart with nostalgia and longing and … warm fuzzy things that I shouldn’t be admitting at my age, which was why I was overwhelmed to be invited to a private photoshoot by the Magic Knight Rayearth Cosplay Group at scenic Paco Park yesterday.  When I first heard about it, I wanted so bad to be part of it as the Rayearth anime series has always fascinated me, a great and memorable work of high fantasy and adventure.




The shoot started in earnest early in the afternoon with the photographers making sure their equipment are ready and the cosplayers making sure they looked their best.  Everything had to be both optimal and efficient as time was of the essence.  The shoot could only run for a few hours with the permit the goup secured.  Nevertheless, all the participants did as much as they could and despite the tension in the air, it’s easy to tell that they were all having fun working with each other.




The models were holding their own and showing their best in front of the cameras.  They played their parts well and gave life to their respective characters.  The admirable cast included Angel Sayoc as Hikaru Shidou, James Paolo Angeles as Lantis, Abz Bacolod as Umi Ryouzaki, Yan Shikamaru as Ascot, Aya Ninna as Fuu Hououji, Roselyn Gutierrez as Master Mage Clef, Liz Eri as Sierra, Krisha Chloe Joaquin as Alcyone, Maharuth Gutierrez as Caldina, and Claire Fortunado as Lady Debonaire.




The photographers were of high caliber and are respected names in the cosplay photography scene and some even from beyond, with the likes of Aldrin Kencey Sj, Eric DC, Alphard Penetrante and Jeff Ricalde among others.




I could not help but admire the costumes and props used for this photoshoot. They were of exquisite quality, and I could feel the hard work, care and dedication put into creating these fantastic creations, from elaborate headpieces and headdresses, to the armor and accessories, right down to the smallest details lke the gems used in the costumes and props.  I expressed my admiration to one of the members of the group who said she made the gems herself .  Those really made the costumes look exquisite and authentic.






The few hours allotted flew by a little too quickly for everyone involved as the skies darkened as the sun set.  Everyone was frantic as the last minutes wound down and the last (desperate) photos and footage taken.  With that over, everyone retreated to base camp to dress down, remove the makeup and pack up their equipment.  Everyone agreed that despite the limited time, it was a fun and productive shoot.  James, the organizer, said that hopefully there will be more such photoshoots in the future and invites everyone to look forward to their other projects.




Please wait for the spectacular photographs and footage by the great photographers real soon.  I can only provide the simple coverage photos I took as I I didn’t want to bother anyone while they were working.




My thanks to Sir James for inviting me to this great event, even though I really felt like I forced myself into this one. Many thanks to the cosplayers and photographers who didn’t mind me intruding.  There was even some bonding time over dinner and over unlimited rice.




Thank you for dropping by, and please visit again soon for more fun cosplay features.








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