We have always been fascinated by this talented little lady for her fierce performances in cosplay competitions, which is why we are glad to have Ashley Misaki as our newest Cosplay Model here at and publish her first ever online feature.  Photos and post-editing by Bryan, Bless as Executive Producer, Xtian as Writer/Director.


Ashley Misaki is a familiar face in and around the cosplay circuit.  She started cosplaying 2012 and has since made quite an impact in competitions here and abroad.  Even at her young age she’s never been afraid to go head to head with older, more experienced competitors, never afraid of jumping off the stage and charging through the crowd to do her routine, never afraid to perform in front of hundreds of people, all eyes on her every move.  Her performances never fail to impress and astound, and these have brought her many awards in competitions all around the country.


Ashley’s appeal and charm has made her a cosplay celebrity in her own right.  She has become an endorser for companies like Red Fox Technologies and several cosplay shops.  She also helps promote cosplay events as well, and she even has a convention named after her.


At events, people can’t get enough of her and Ashley enjoys taking pictures with her adoring supporters.   Before and after competitions, she can be seen acting her age, running around event halls with her friends, especially other chibi cosplayers.


Outside cosplaying, Ashley says she’s a normal 7-year-old who enjoys watching shows from Cartoon Network.  After school work, she likes playing games on her Xbox, but admits she loves Dance Central most of all.  She also enjoys the company of her friends who she often gets to see at events, and she has fun playing with them as much as she can.


Surprisingly, Ashley tells us she wants to be a pilot in the future.  Something about being the sky and clouds appeals to her, and for now, perhaps, flying with all its freedom will be her dream.  But until that time comes, she’ll continue cosplaying because she says it’s something that she really loves doing and that it makes her family really proud of her.


Ashley would like to personally thank everyone who has supported her throughout the years and promises more exciting cosplays and performances in the future.


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