We got to tag along with our friend Keileen at Bonifacio Global City one fine afternoon.  She invited us to a small photoshoot she organized and we were of course more than happy to oblige.




Keileen has been cosplaying for quite a while and is a pleasant and familiar face in the community who particularly enjoys cosplaying genderbent characters.  She has recently taken up photography as a hobby as she says she has always been fascinated with it and wanted what it was like behind the camera.




As she earnestly hones her skills in her new craft, she took it upon herself to help out new cosplayers by taking them out on small photoshoots like this one.  Keileen is well aware that cosplayers who are just starting out need that small push and words of confidence so that they can be able to portray their characters.  Some time in front of the camera works wonders in building one’s confidence as well.




As a cosplayer who has done this herself for quite a while, she wasn’t the least bit stingy in giving her advice on how to cosplay properly, like teaching them how to pose, telling them whee to buy accessories, and sharing the proper attitude when cosplaying.




After the shoot, the group just enjoyed going around BGC and enjoying the sights and sounds this very urban locale had to offer.




They had fun posing with people, including some visitors from other countries who were curious and fascinated about cosplaying in the country.




They also had some time to play a round of Dance Central at the Police booth, where Keileen got to win a prize.






Keileen also was gracious enough to model for us for a bit though she says she’s a bit shy doing so.  We beg to disagree as she was just at home in front of the camera as much or more so than she is behind of it.




A fun and relaxing afternoon soon ended as dusk came.  We bid goodbye to the group and hoped we can all do it again soon.  Keileen says its been fun being with us and hopes she can get to meet more new cosplayers in the future.


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