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Tuna, one of South Korea’s most prominent cosplayers, gave fans an afternoon to remember as she featured in her Meet & Greet Madness by  Cosplaying as Ranko Kanzaki of Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls, she indeed showed us why she is is admired by thousands of people all over the world.


Tuna Cosplayer Meet and Greet Madness_0004_tn is a media partner for Meet & Greet Madness with Tuna by, and we’re glad to have our photographer and Cosplay Model Keileen to help us cover this special event.


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Held at plush SMX Aura, SM Aura Premier, BGC, Taguig City, Meet & Greet Madness with Tuna saw the cosplayer’s visit to the Philippines, long anticipated by fans who have been admiring her cosplays and her brilliant work for a long time now.  At Meeting Room 1 they had the great opportunity to get prints of her stunning cosplay photos, as well as get their copies of her first photobook.


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Two sessions were done that afternoon, both attended by fans who were truly happy to see their idol in person.


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The first part saw Tuna being called out by her fans to the stage, with her greeting them in return.  After some introductions, the audience was given the opportunity to ask Tuna questions about herself.  In her replies, everyone got to know a lot of interesting things about her, like how she chose Tuna as her cosplay name.  She said that she thought of it as she just loves eating tuna.


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She said she started cosplaying 15 years ago.  She said she liked comics, so she joined a comics club where her seniors were cosplaying. While hanging out with them, she started to cosplay as well. Her first cosplay was Athena of King Of Fighters.


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She said she has been enjoying Japanese idol anime, which was why has been doing a lot of idol-themed cosplay recently, like characters from Love Live and Idolm@ster.  She was nominated for the Best Cosplayer of Year 2014 by Cossamo, one of the most famous cosplay websites in Korea, but she was more interested in making great cosplay photos at the time.


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Fans got the opportunity to get her autograph and have her photos and photobook signed by her.  They also had the opportunity to have their photos taken with her as well.


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Tuna was so gracious with her fans, having some fun with them and tirelessly posing for everyone.


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There was also a special photoshoot session with her, and it was there that Tuna’s talents and skill at cosplaying really shined.


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Tuna was so nice and personable, and she had such a warm smile for everyone.  She was so kind as to have us have a photo with her.


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All good things eventually come to an end, but not before a great group photo to remember this day by.  It was indeed a fun and memorable event as Tuna graciously got to visit Manila once again for her fans.  We hope that you can all continue supporting her as she has been doing her best to present wonderful cosplays for everyone.


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Many thanks to the wonderful people at for making this amazing event happen.  All of us Tuna fans truly appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into making  Meet & Greet Madness with Tuna a fun and memorable event.


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