Following the incredible success of their inaugural event last year, Coslandia came back even bigger and better than ever as the ultimate J-culture festival in the country. Engaging excited attendees from everywhere over its three-day spectacle from November 1-3, 2019 at SMX SM Aura in Taguig, Coslandia 2019 brought a stellar lineup of artists, cosplayers and performers from Japan and the Philippines who joined the festivities and made for a remarkable experience.

Coslandia had its roots last year at Centris Quezon City and powered by the newest branch of Movie Stars Café, drawing a huge attendance as it a provided a unique and colorful spectacle to the J-culture community. Coslandia 2019 has since moved to a grander venue at SMX SM Aura in Taguig. A well-attended and star-studded opening ceremony started the incredibly lively pace of the festivities for the next few days.

Providing solid and engaging entertainment was their core, the Movie Stars Cafe All Stars who had amazing performances on stage.

Prominent idol group MNL48 headlines Coslandia 2019 as the Main Stage performers at the event. The talented young ladies of MNL48 got to impress and delight the audience with their unparalleled stage presence and their endearing performances, including their release of Coslandia 2019’s theme song as their fifth single. They also got to show the audience their charm and skill as they blazed the catwalk with an astounding fashion show, as well as took part in off-stage attractions.

Esteemed film director Tetsuya Hashi and the cast of live-action movie adaptation Seikimatsu Blue graced Coslandia2019, and was a hit to all in attendance as they shared their insights into this feature and shared their love of the movie with Filipino fans.

As a celebration of Japanese culture, many artists and performers from Japan took center stage, with invited guests including 1-Girls, Gracorex., Fairytales, Amatsusora. “TJ” Caacbay Maeda, Yuasa Michiru, Samero, Hazuki Tsubasa, Nobuyuki Takahashi, Miku 16 and Pastel Mix, giving the audience amazing performance over the three days of the event.

Apart from the exciting stage attractions, attendees also got to enjoy the many exhibitors who have come to Coslandia 2019 to offer interesting merchandise, art, food, and even ideas for a tour of Japan. is proud to have our Cosplay Models Keileen, Nicolette and Rica as Cosplay Ambassadors for Coslandia 2019. They got to display their prints got to spend time with Coslandia’s amazing collection of guests as they helped us cover the event for our website.

Coslandia 2019 has been a wonderful event that lived up to the promise of being the ultimate J-culture festival in the country to have brought the most number of Japanese guests to an event to date with an incredible number of performances and attractions. We congratulate everyone who had made Coslandia 2019 a huge success as we look forward to even bigger things come next year’s edition.

Many thanks to our Correspondents Keileen and Rica as well as our Photographers Marvin and Jake for helping us cover the event.

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