There were terrific tricks and treats for everyone over the holidays as the community shared an enjoyable experience at Ozine Fest Halloween Special 2019 at the Megatrade Halls. Always jam packed with attractions, games, contests, merch, surprises and entertainment, this Ozine Fest special edition didn’t fail to have the spooky yet jolly experience its fans have always been clamoring for. has been Ozine Fest’s media partner for the past six years, and we are pleased to be able to bring you the highlights of this event.

Ozine Fest Halloween Special 2019 comes at the trail of favorite community events Ozine Fest and Otaku Expo, and have always enjoyed a strong backing from regular attendees which include anime and manga fans, cosplayers, artists and performers. And this year they have been treated to an enjoyable surprise for Halloween.

Always keeping everyone in the event lively and engaged are the various stage activities and contests, such as the much-awaited Battle of the Bands and the Anime Singing Contest, with amazing prizes given away.

Attendees were delighted with the extensive lineup of performances from extremely talented idol groups and bands that made the events an unforgettable one.

One of the highlights of any Ozine Fest event is the Cosplay Competition where some of the most talented cosplayers show off their skills in front of an appreciative audience.’s Cosplay Models and Correspondents Jane, Stephanie, and DK have been invited to be the judges for this contest, and they had the unenviable task of deciding on a winner among the hopeful cosplayers.

But the fun isn’t solely just on stage. Attendees also got to enjoy themselves all over the venue with game booths, exhibitors, artists, cosplayers, and a whole lot more, like our friends from Perry in Disguise and Genki Shoppu. There even was free coffee for everyone.

With lots of satisfied attendees over its two-day stretch, Ozine Fest Halloween Special 2019 has been a great success, so congratulations are in order for the organizers, their stage team, sponsors, and everyone who has continued to make Ozine events a bastion for their passions, hobbies and recreation. And thank you for always trusting us to be your media partner.

Our thanks to our Correspondents Rica, Jane, Stephanie, Lia, and DK, as well as our photographers Marvin and Jake for helping us cover this event.

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