Otacute once again opened its doors and welcomed everybody to the Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022 that was held at LA Village and the newly opened Wallstreet venue on July 30 – 31. The venue started filling up as early as entrance doors were finally opened for the public who all were patiently waiting outside. Programs and festivities were kicked off with warm and energetic welcomes from the two hyper hosts from Otacute who joined in the ride for both event days!

Fun mini-games and competitions were held for the audience to watch and even participate in to feel the festive atmosphere inside the LA Village. The activities were so exciting and entertaining for everyone with lots of memorable moments! Tons of prizes and goodie bags were also handed out to the participants and the audience present.

Idols Nekonnect and Urodia were given the spotlight to do their number on stage which had the crowd singing and dancing along with them! The idols gave it their best in their performances and captured the hearts of the audience with their lovely voices and adorable dances. The polar duo Ash and Faith also took up to the stage and bring out their singing and dancing prowess.

Attendees also came in wearing cosplays of their favorite characters which really added to the liveliness and mood of the Otasuke Cosplay Festival. Cosplays from different anime were present such as Anya from SpyxFamily and ZeroTwo from Darling in the Franxx to even characters from different games like Pramanix from Arknights! 

A karaoke competition was open and held for contestants to bring out the best of their singing abilities and see who would be crowned the winner. All participants in the competition had such euphonious voices that were both sweet and pleasing to the ears which not only moved the audience but the judges as well! Everyone gave the singers a round of applause and even a standing ovation for the beautiful performances they just did.

Cosplay performances such as fighting and dancing presentations by different cosplayer groups were given the stage to entertain and have lots of fun. Comedic, suspenseful, and eye-catching performances kept the whole crowd giggling and roaring from astonishment throughout the afternoon! The fans cheered for the dear guest Myrtle Sarossa as she stepped to the platform and personally welcomed everyone. It was a wonderful opportunity to witness her stunning smile in person!

Numerous booths and stalls were open in both venues which sold various kinds of merchandise, services, food, and beverages. Various booths filled the venue left and right from the first to the second floor of the LA Village and even the newly opened Wallstreet Avenue. 

The newly debuted Wallstreet Avenue was open to the public for the first time ever since it was teased before in past Otasuke events. The opening of Wallstreet Avenue created a new door of more fun programs and events for attendees to enjoy being a part of the growing community of Otacute! And a lot of guests were present like by the special guests Myrtle Sarrosa, the polar duo of Ash and Faith and more!

Programs and performances were also held at the second venue, which was done during or after the events at the LA Village. An Anikura “Japanight” Dance Club was available for the legal attendees which included drinks, partying, and an exclusive meet and greet with special guest cosplayers! July 30 special tickets were limited to those ages 18 and above since the party was after 8 PM onwards and included free drinks.

Wallstreet Avenue features a catwalk complete with screens for the audience to have a complete view of the stage and runway. Cosplayers and the Otacute ambassadors took to the ramp in their cute and fabulous costumes which the audience absolutely loved watching for the entirety of the fashion show! 

The Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022 was a huge success with the opening debut of the second venue Wallstreet Avenue. Right after the programs were done, a spontaneous celebration full of dancing and partying could not be helped since the Cosplay Festival was just too fun and exciting. The addition of another venue definitely was worth it, not only being able to accommodate more guests but more programs and activities that everyone else can enjoy! 

Huge thanks to the Otacute group for creating a wonderful event that everyone present was able to enjoy before the month of August begins! Arkadymac.com will always be gratedul for covering every event held by the team! 

We appreciate the correspondents and photographers from our team that covered this event! Thank you so much for reading, and remember to return to arkadymac.com for more content. Up until then! :>

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