Featured Cosplayers

Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022

Otacute once again opened its doors and welcomed everybody to the Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022 that was held at LA Village and the newly opened Wallstreet venue on July 30 – 31. The venue started filling up as early as entrance doors were finally opened for the public who all were patiently waiting outside. Programs and festivities were kicked off with warm and energetic welcomes from the two hyper hosts from Otacute who joined in the ride for both event days!

CONQUEST 2022: The Coolest Gaming x Pop Culture x Web3 expo in the Philippines, vibing since ’17.

CONQuest 2022 was held on July 23 and 24, and it covered the whole SMX up and down, which made this event a highly anticipated event ever since the announcement, and it was a huge blast for everyone, including sponsors and even the invited special guests from around the globe! People began lining up in waiting areas outside the SMX Convention Center as early as seven in the morning, eagerly awaiting the beginning of CONQuest 2022! As more customers and guests came to the venue before the event’s scheduled start time, the line just continued to grow longer and longer.

Cosplay Up 2022

It was definitely an uplifting experience as the cosplay community was upbeat with an upsized dose of excitement at the inaugural launch of Cosplay Up as it roared into the local event scene last June 18 and 19, 2022 at Penthouse at 28 in Quezon City. Organized by One Final Dream, an ardent cosplay fan group which aims to invite cosplayers from all over the world, Cosplay Up was a cosplayer-centered event which featured exciting and memorable activities like studio photoshoots, stage games, autograph signings and special performances.

Upcoming Event: CONQUEST FESTIVAL 2022

Fans of gaming, cosplay, and pop culture are gearing up for AcadArena’s CONQuest Festival 2022! This incredible event will occur on July 23-24, commencing from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City. There will be many programs and events, such as Retro and Freeplay Arcades, where you may have a good time and play games from the past to the present with your friends! Or maybe you can go to the tech and gaming expo and see the latest technologies, games, and so on!

Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022

Otasuke’s February 2022 Cosplay Festival by OtaCute was held at Laperal YOU. Suites, Recto Ave. Sampaloc, Manila on April 23 and 24. Both days of the event were packed with fun games and activities for both cosplayers and attendees to enjoy. The event featured many renowned cosplayers that joined the festivities on both days of Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022.

Upcoming event: Cosplay Carnival 2022

After almost exactly two years of lockdown, the cosplay community once again gathers for the long-awaited Cosplay Carnival that will be held at the SMX Convention Center Manila Halls 2 and 3 from April 30, 2022, to May 1, 2022. With situations easing up during the summer season, cosplayers are eager to dress up in spectacular costumes and amazing outfits of their favorite characters from anime and games.