Fads and trends come and go, but passion lasts as long as you wish it to. For Rica, her passion for cosplay and media has taken her on an odyssey spanning a decade, and we at arkadymac.com celebrate the achievements of our outstanding Correspondent and Cosplay Model.

She got into cosplaying a decade ago, and at a young age showed much promise, joining contests and catching awards, winning 1st Place at the 2013 J-POP Anime Singing and Cosplay Contest by the Embassy of Japan as well as winning 1st Place for TOEI Animation Philippines Choice.  She was also a finalist at the CAGE Cosplay Competition at the very first Asiapop Comic Con Manila. She then joined arkadymac.com as a Correspondent, covering all of the biggest cosplay, anime, gaming, Japanese culture, hobby and pop culture in the country.

Rica has also become a model for community clothing brands Perry in Disguise and T-Tees.

Since being a member of arkadymac.com, Rica has been invited as a special guest and judge at events, which include Cosplay Mania, Cosplay Matsuri, Cosplay Craze, Ozine Fest, Otaku Expo, Coslandia, TAGCOM, and many others.

As recognition to her contributions to our website, a feature on her was published with the cosplay community’s photobook, Cosplay Anthology.

While currently busy with her current work, she still makes time to help us cover events and accept invitations for judging and guestings. She assures us that she still loves to cosplay and taking part in the community, and that she still feels that there are many more opportunities and experiences that the cosplay world has to offer. We do hope that all of you can continue to support our beloved Correspondent, Cosplay Model and website member in her future endeavors.

Many thanks to Marvin Reyes for his photos of Rica over these many years.

Thank you for dropping by. Do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.

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