It was definitely an uplifting experience as the cosplay community was upbeat with an upsized dose of excitement at the inaugural launch of Cosplay Up as it roared into the local event scene last June 18 and 19, 2022 at Penthouse at 28 in Quezon City. Organized by One Final Dream, an ardent cosplay fan group which aims to invite cosplayers from all over the world, Cosplay Up was a cosplayer-centered event which featured exciting and memorable activities like studio photoshoots, stage games, autograph signings and special performances.

Fans of cosplay were so excited to meet their favorite cosplayers face to face after many years of virtual isolation. Cosplay Up provided the venue and opportunity to make this small dream come true, and attendees were having a wonderful time celebrating the love and passion they have for their fandoms.

Several special guest appearances from well-known international cosplayers Baobao and Sally-Dorasnow to our other local cosplayers Zackt, Roxanne Kho, Lia Bear, Diane, KatieCakey, and our very own’s Cosplay Model Jane Yu were present on both days of Cosplay Up and they all had the chance to interact with their fans by playing rock, paper, scissors, naming the anime song, having stage performances and many more. Each and every one of them looked absolutely amazing in their costumes, capturing the hearts of their fans with their smiles.

Multiple interviews and minigames were also conducted by the cosplayers, so everyone was given the chance to connect and communicate with every single one of the cosplayers who attended and even take a photo with them. They also showed their talents by having special performances like song and dance numbers, which left the crowd applauding and cheering on for more. It was truly fascinating how everyone became one in every performance.

To any fan worth their salt, it’s the meet and greet sessions that get the most excitement, and indeed, the fans flocked to their favorite cosplayers for their chance to have a chat, have their photos and merch signed, give gifts, and they even got to receive some special treats from their idols. It was the fans’ way of showing their support, and the special guests were only to happy to show their appreciation. These all made for an enjoyable experience they won’t soon forget.

The Otacute Maid Café was another wonderful attraction at the event that the attendees got to enjoy. Customers can drop by and have a cold, refreshing beverage served personally by a maid. These wonderful maids got to also show off their fabulous dance moves to the crowd and also they played some fun minigames with the audience.!

Attendees of Cosplay Up also got to enjoy shopping courtesy of the exhibitors that were on hand to display and ply their wonderful wares of figures, art, merch, toys, accessories, and almost anything in between. has always been there for the cosplayers, and at Cosplay Up, we were in for a treat as both special guests and attendees came in some very remarkable cosplays. It really shows how cosplay has made an impact on each and every one of them there and how it’s a form of art that is created and shared with others.

Any event where guest coplayers and fans can get together and have a memorable time together enjoying each other’s company and sharing their love for their fandom is a successful event in our book, and we thank all the organizers for making Cosplay Up a reality, as well as an event that will be remembered for years to come. We look forward to bigger and better things from One Final Dream and the next Cosplay Up.

Many thanks to our Correspondents Keileen and Nina and Photographer Mat for covering the event. And thank you for dropping by at, and stay tuned for more features.

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