CONQuest 2022 was held on July 23 and 24, and it covered the whole SMX up and down, which made this event a highly anticipated event ever since the announcement, and it was a huge blast for everyone, including sponsors and even the invited special guests from around the globe! People began lining up in waiting areas outside the SMX Convention Center as early as seven in the morning, eagerly awaiting the beginning of CONQuest 2022! As more customers and guests came to the venue before the event’s scheduled start time, the line just continued to grow longer and longer.

Our correspondent Anmu from had a chance to go up on stage and take a picture with the cosplayer guests KitsCua, Charess, and more! More guests were also invited like the English Genshin Impact voice actors Anne Yacto who plays the Eternal Euthymia Raiden Shogun, Christian Banas as Thoma of the Kamisato Estate, and Ratana as the Fox Lady of the Guuji shrine, Yae Miko.

The opening of the CONQuest 2022 at the ground floor entrance welcomes visitors with a playful blocky design platform that makes you feel like you’re entering the game world and adds to the convention atmosphere!

Arkadymac’s newest correspondent, Sabthulhu covered Day 2 of CONQuest 2022 and got to join and enjoy the festivities of that day! Truly this 2-day experience in CONQuest 2022 was memorable for everyone and just pure fun for our dear correspondents.

There were also artist booths where you can support the local artists and cosplayers by purchasing their prints and merch. Since their artwork is being viewed and purchased by the public, the opportunity to set up and open a booth at a large convention like CONQuest 2022 benefits and means a lot to these local artists to grow and expand their exposure to the wonderful creations. Various merchandise from games and Anime was also on sale for everyone to buy their favorite exclusive items.

Cosplay, gaming, Anime, and tech culture were not the only ones present but even the KPop culture! Almost all the different fandoms were put together in one place to enjoy and celebrate the event. Everyone got a piece of the entertainment during the event which was enjoyed by all!

Fighters were lining up and getting ready for REV Major 2022 tournaments as it opens at their booth here at CONQuest as they will compete for the number 1 spot! The fighters were all prepared for the big showdown of their skills and strategies that brought them to the top!

The people watched and enjoyed the classic UAAP rivalry of teams at the AcadArena Alliance Games VALORANT Grand Finals! The two biggest rivalries in the history of schools, Ateneo and De La Salle University, went head-to-head in a game of Valorant to show who’s the true victor in the long rivalry.

Cougar Gaming was also present and had a lot of exciting merch raffle prizes and even a mini tournament. They are also giving out chances to the fans to meet and greet cosplayers Mais Semblante and Diane Marie M. Sabandeja! This booth was definitely a don’t miss-out chance for both gamers and PC enthusiasts because of the awesome equipment Cougar Gaming has to offer.

Metacrafters provided an amazing backdrop for cosplayers and visitors to take their pictures into but that’s not all Metacrafters had quests that you need to complete and if you do you’ll receive amazing prizes like AULA F805 RGB Gaming mouse, ASUS ROG Keyboard and more! Everyone definitely didn’t miss out on this chance to win and gave it their best shot!

The cosplayers who were present also got creative and brought their own backdrop and gave free fanservices to the guests! The Sage from Valorant cosplayer over here had a sign saying that you need to bark to get stepped on and the people liked and enjoyed the treatment they were receiving.

CONQuest sponsors Logitech and Rog also didn’t miss out on this event and prepared tons of activities and amazing backdrops which attracted the con-goers to take a picture and also buy their products! Nothing goes wrong for these gamers to take a picture and support their favorite manufacturer of PC equipment.

A huge wide variety of tabletop games like Dungeon & Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh, Monopoly, and more that are free for everyone to enjoy and play with their loved ones and friends were very much fun and worthwhile! Tabletop games are one of the best ways for the visitors to unwind from the event and it doesn’t hurt to try and learn the game mechanics for those unfamiliar.

A cosplay competition was also held and only the finest costumes and well-portrayed characters from different games and Anime walked up on stage to showcase the effort and creativity that was put into the costumes! All cosplayers definitely looked eye-catching which had the crowd turning their heads towards the stage.

Morning talks with the duo VeeWise at the community stage was well entertaining as they talked about their experiences and encounters as gamers. The panel had everyone glued to their seats as their curiosity on the duo just kept on growing and being explored.

Tons of people gathered in front of the community stage to watch the flow of the events up close. From Gamers in the pro league to even VTubers were invited to talk on stage! Everyone who came surely had their fill of entertainment.

At the event, where a variety of fans from different communities will undoubtedly be drawn to this booth, our lifelong partner, Perry in Disguise, couldn’t miss the chance to sell their fantastic anime jackets that were sought after by the con-goers who enjoyed their quality-made products.

Our team member Rica is cosplaying as Kagura Cherry Witch Skin from Mobile Legends, and she had a chance to finally meet her favorite esports duo, VeeWise, at ConQuest 2022 on Day 1! She was also rooting for Blacklist International at MPL-S10!

The CONQuest 2022 event was a great success for everyone that was present with the help of all the sponsors and guests that made the convention possible and fun! Being one of the biggest conventions in the Philippines, Our team was grateful for the amazing experience and it was truly memorable and amusing. 

We are grateful to our team’s correspondents and photographers who were present at this event ! To our readers, Thank you so much, and do visit us again for more features here at Till next time!

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