Otaku Expo Anime and Manga Drawing Special 2023

Appealing to the thousands of fans of cosplay, anime and art, Otaku Expo made its exciting live return as one of the first major community events of the year. Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special 2023 happened last January 28-29, 2023 at SMX Convention Center Manila Function Rooms 1-2. With lots of exciting activities and art-related attractions plus special guest cosplayer Miu from Vietnam, this year’s Otaku Expo was an enjoyable event for our many fandoms.

Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special has traditionally been one of the first major community events of the year and it has definitely opened a great new year for the many fandoms from far and wide. This event highlighted the creativity of the art community with activities that displayed the artistic skills such as tutorials and onstage demonstrations as well as featured games and attractions that attendees got to enjoy and learn from throughout the weekend.

Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special of course had its staple attractions like the anime singing contest where contestants amazed both audience and judges alike as they sang songs from anime that moved and delighted the crowd.

The Battle of the Bands made its spectacular return to Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special as bands from the otaku community rocked the SMX with great and memorable anime hits that drove the audience wild with enjoyment.

And of course, one of the highlights of Otaku Expo is the exciting Cosplay Competition which showcased the talents of extraordinary cosplayers who had incredible performances on stage to the cheers of the crowd. The competition was judged by our Correspondent and Cosplay Model Nico Jeon alongside outstanding and renowned cosplayer Roxanne.

The different fandoms are always looking for their favorite merch, and Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special was happy to oblige with numerous exhibitors and booths featured at the Artist Alley, comic books and manga stores, and the cosplay alley, appealing to every taste of fandom.

And of course, arkadymac.com is there for the cosplayer, who got to enjoy the event.

Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special 2023 was a fun and enjoyable event for the community, especially for artists who got to be featured all weekend long. Our congratulations and gratitude to all the hosts, staff and organizers of Otaku Expo Anime & Manga Drawing Special 2023 as we look forward with anticipation to their next event.

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