It was a fun afternoon of free food, free prizes, and free anime screening last Saturday, May 6 at the headquarters of POPTV Philippines. Bento Tambayan, by POPTV Bento, aims to gather anime fans and enjoyers for a chill and casual event just for the love of anime and all for free.

The titles that were aired at the mini theater were some of POPTV Bento’s newest titles: The Legendary Hero is Dead!, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear – Punch, and That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime The Movie: Scarlet Bond.

The event was spearheaded by “PoPinoy” first grand champion: Ken, Kheene, Gab, Joe, and Josh or collectively known as the P-pop group, VER5US. Some lucky fans of the group, or ALLIES, were also part of the event who got to meet and watch the shows with their idols.

Bento Tambayan also had a raffle both for anime fans and ALLIES who brought home POPTV merch, goodies from Japan, and signed posters and photo cards of VER5US. The grand raffle winner brought home a Pop Up Parade PVC figure of Yuna from Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. Event attendees who came in costume also received special prizes.

Participants will also enjoy a free 30-day Bento premium subscription of the POPTV Pinas app for more anime binge-watching. has been a media partner for POPTV Bento, and covering the event for us were our Correspondent Yaana and good friend Sab. Besides enjoying watching some of the newest and really enjoyable anime of the season, they also got to take home some great goodies from POPTV Bento. We commend everyone at POPTV Bento for hosting an enjoyable screening for the press and thank them for the hospitality.

Make sure to check out POPTV Bento online for some fun, hassle-free anime binging. You won’t be disappointed.

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