Making another successful returning for another fan-filled festival that celebrated art, creativity and fandoms, FanFes Circuit 2023 delighted the community last May 20-21, 2023 at the Activity Center of the vast and trendy Ayala Malls Circuit in Makati. As a free admission convention and marketplace that gave the spotlight on fan-derived and original content and content creators, FanFes 2023 fully supported a community of artists and cosplayers who were able to share their talents to a wider audience.

FanFes Circuit 2023 was a veritable extravaganza of art and fandoms that centered around local talent who produced original as well as fan-derived work. With over 900 square meters and a weekend foot traffic of 50,000 people, the Ayala Malls Circuit Activity Center got to be the venue and the hub for the universe of fandoms for an entire weekend.

FanFes Circuit 2023 proved to be quite the spectacular showcase of art and creativity were attendees from all over could see, feel and experience the remarkable creations of artists who have showed their passion and talent into the artwork, collectibles, merch and accessories, they displayed and sold, each a unique and veritable masterpiece. These artists here have been honing their craft for years and are always eager to share their love for their many fandoms.

Cosplayers are artists too and we were amazed how they came in full force.  They used their creativity and skills and spend a lot of time and effort in bringing their chosen characters to life, and they had come in full force last weekend at FanFes Circuit 2023.  Cosplayers also got to take part in the Cosplay Circuit Parade where hundreds of cosplayers got to go around the mall and had their photos taken at the many incredible landmarks of Ayala Malls Circuit, much to the delight of mall-goers.

Then there was the Circuit Solo Cosplay Catwalk, an electrifying display of cosplay, showing off the skills and talents that the community has to offer, with wonderful prizes at stake for the winners.

Determining the winners among the many talented contestants were up to the shoulders of media correspondents Raven, Kizu Yuu and Jane Yu, who are exceptional and accomplished cosplayers in their own right, having been special guests and judges at many events and have won competitions.

Among the brilliant performances emerged the winners who took the various terrific awards like Fan Favorite, Best Performance, Best Craftsmanship, and of course our Overall Champion who cosplayer Michael Jackson. From the very resounding applause they got, it was apparent they also havd the approval of the crowd. He will go on to compete at the Cosplay Mania Cup, the biggest battle of champions to be held later this year.

FanFes Circuit 2023 was definitely a fantastic event that showcased art and creativity in its many forms, proudly displayed by artists and creators who had nothing but utmost love and dedication to their craft. We are proud to have covered the many incarnations of FanFes in the past, and we look forward to many more editions of FanFes in the future. Many thanks to, Ayala Malls Circuits’ Maam Arrah and Eunice for accommodating our team, and all the sponsors for making FanFes a reality. is proud to have been the media partner for FanFes Circuit 2023. Many thanks as well to our Correspondents Keileen, and Anmu for helping us out on our coverage, along with our Photographers Jake and Mat.

Our thanks as well to our members Raven, Jane, and Kizu for being the judges and special guests for FanFes Circuit 023. We are very proud of you.

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