ConQuest 2023 is back and is the biggest community event that will be on June 2-4, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel, and Mall of Asia and it’s a weekend-long event.

ConQuest 2023 is just a few days away and I am sure everyone is excited as to what they are offering as they have shown such awesome lineups for the 3-day event. This event brings a lot of communities together and I am sure it will be a bit difficult as to what you focus on as there are a ton of activities that will be happening in each day.


Aside from the star-studded lineup that ConQuest 2023 will be giving us, there are also a lot of activities that are available. For communities that are into table-top games, retro games, buying merchandise from your favorite artists, and awesome on-stage appearances.

Of course, let us not forget that there will be a Rave/Music Night. Tickets for this section are different from the actual convention ticket you buy so I suggest getting one as the lineup is amazing and I am sure you’ll will jump to the beat and enjoy the awesome music that will play all night long.


Of course, we will not forget about competitions as this will show the best of the best. There are cosplay competitions, and some community panels that I am sure will be helpful and a Valorant Showmatch on Day 2! This is exciting as they have not shown the full lineup, expect the full lineup on ConQuest 2023 socials


In case you are coming from out of the Metro or will be attending all 3 days of the event and will be making the most of it, ConQuest 2023 got you, as they have partnered up with some hotels around the place that can cater to your needs for you to be there early and not worry about the traffic the Metro brings on weekends.

ConQuest 2023 has everything covered for you they want you to enjoy and walk along with everyone in the skies and make sure to wear some comfy shoes and have a bottle of water or water flasks with you guys there will be a lot of walking. Make sure to have some pocket money as well to buy the merchandise you are all dying to get that can only be available during the event.

For those who have yet to get their tickets, go to their official website to buy! They have a lot of payment channels available so you can easily pay for them.

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