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ConQuest 2023: Things to Expect

ConQuest 2023 is back and is the biggest community event that will be on June 2-4, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel, and Mall of Asia and it’s a weekend-long event.

ConQuest 2023 is just a few days away and I am sure everyone is excited as to what they are offering as they have shown such awesome lineups for the 3-day event. This event brings a lot of communities together and I am sure it will be a bit difficult as to what you focus on as there are a ton of activities that will be happening in each day.

Reach for the Skies ConQuest 2023 is Back

Once again ConQuest 2023 is back bigger and better by bringing more guests and attractions and most importantly a larger venue that will cater to all the things they are offering this year.

This year, AcadArena continues its annual CONQuest community-oriented event as it expanded more attractions that bring more communities together for one weekend. It will happen on June 2 to 4, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel, Mall of Asia and NU MOA, indeed they have a bigger venue and can’t wait with such smashing line up they are giving us:

Cosplay Carnival 2023: An Out-of-this-World Cosplay Adventure

Already on its sixth year of bringing the best show in cosplay in the country, Cosplay Carnival is finally back and it has taken attendees on an otherworldly adventure of epic proportions last April 1 and 2, 2023 at Function Rooms 3 to 5 of SMX Convention Center Manila. Always a yearly tradition and much awaited spectacle by the cosplay and anime community, Cosplay Carnival provided troves of entertainment and attractions to its legions of fans and patrons.

Japan Fiesta 2023

Japan Fiesta is back once more for its annual showcase of the Japanese Culture and festivities that happens all year round. Showing other parts of the country that has historical memories that are sure to pique your interest once you have decided to go and visit. A lot of booths are set up around the Activity Center of Glorietta 2 and the exhibitors are ready to showcase Japanese Culture as well at the history in their cities.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Celebrates its 1st Birthday with Attack on Titan Crossover!

Tons of New Costumes, Accessories, Mounts and More!

On June 18th, 2022, Ragnarok X: Next Generation will mark the 1-year Anniversary of its launch, a historic milestone for this beloved MMORPG. To celebrate this momentous occasion, ROX will be collaborating with the world-famous manga series Attack on Titan, where there will be plenty of exclusive prizes, accessories, and even an event-dedicated game mode on offer. Come be a part of the festivities!

DC Worlds Collide: Releases New Character & Story TODAY!

DC Worlds Collide, the officially licensed DC idle card game, will officially launch on Android and iOS devices on April 28 in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, along with a series of exciting updates. Players in these regions can now download the game on the App Store or Google Play Store Go to explore the new character, gameplay, and storylines!

The new updates will bring in Martian Manhunter, the founding member of the Justice League. But a new enemy is also emerging. While Superheroes and Supervillains are taking back their shared home, you need to join the Guild and team up with friends to fight the greater evil, Darkseid and his team. 

Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC, DC Worlds Collide has many of the most iconic DC characters, including Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, as well as DC Super-Villains like Lex Luthor and Harley Quinn. Players can recruit these mighty DC’s Superheroes and Supervillains to form alliances and level up their squad. To win in idle battles, players need to form strategies and utilize hero Ultimates. Customizing the squad to stand up with your favorite Superheroes and Super-Villains will make for thrilling combat.

The latest update will mark the release of the much-awaited main storyline of how Evil has descended upon the Earth as the Crime Syndicate from DC in another dimension invades in a bid to take over the world, highlighting various DC characters. With the action-packed animated plots, players will be immersed in the DC universe recreated by the game. 

To celebrate the official launch and new updates, all players have a chance to receive the gift box. For more information, please follow the official Facebook page. Players can download the game via App Store and Google Play Store

Download link: