Already the biggest community-oriented event in the country, ConQuest returned to thrill its legions of fans once again June 2-4, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel, and Mall of Asia. Sprawling into five vast and varied venues over an incredible three-day weekend-long event, ConQuest 2023 was even more impressive in scope than its previous edition and had more exciting attractions to the community. is proud to have been the media partner for ConQuest since last year, and we present our feature video on the event courtesy of our Correspondent Kazumi:

ConQuest 2023 got to present an incredible line-up of attractions and guests for the 3-day event. All these had brought a lot of communities together with activities and offerings all three days from five different venues. AcadArena expanded into even more attractions at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel, Mall of Asia and NU MOA.  

Fans especially flocked to special guest artists, online celebrities, cosplayers at Meet and Greets, at their booths, and at on-stage appearances.

There were tons of booths and exhibitors that showcased gaming, retro gaming, tabletop gaming, fan art, collegiate esports action, and other community interactions. ConQuest 2023 had competitions in droves as they got to feature the best of the best in the community. From cosplay competitions, community panels, showmatches, there were a lot to thrill fans from all over.

And of course, was there for the cosplayers who came in full support at ConQuest 2023, showing off their best cosplays. They had a great time having their pics taken by a supporting crowd.

While not perfect, ConQuest 2023 came in with many attractions that fans clamored and enjoyed, and we hope that they would continue to improve during their next edition.

Many thanks to our Editor-in-Chief Jillian for covering the event for us, as well to Bryan, Czyrah, Kazumi, Irene and Keileen for our footage. Special thanks to Hazel and T-Tees for being our sponsor.

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