An unparalleled fusion of entertainment, music, cosplay, adventure and e-sports made for a unique and exciting festival at Howlers Manila 2.0 Cosplay and Music Festival last October 21st at Circuit Makati. As an exceptional event that brought together the enchanting worlds of Cosplay, pulse-pounding Esports, mesmerizing Music, captivating performances, and electrifying acts, Howlers Manila 2.0 was an unbeatable spectacle that made good on its promises of sharing unforgettable memories for all attendees.

Howlers Manila 2.0 Cosplay and Music Festival was an incredible adventure that highlighted of self-expression, discovery, and community. For an entire day, attendees were treated to an exceptional lineup of entertainment and attractions for a broad variety of passions. At its heart was its musical exploration from pop to rock, indie to EDM, and many genres in between. With the best in local talent performing on a grand stage, artists got resonate, surprise, and captivate an adoring crowd.

Besides an adventure into music, Howlers Manila 2.0 also got to feature attractions for the adventurous, and the venue was filled all over with fun activities and booths for attendees to try, experience and enjoy.

Of special interest to us was of course the fusion of cosplay nto event, and it was evident that cosplayers were at Howlers Manila 2.0 in full force. With dedicated attractions, contests, special guests in line with the cosplay community, Howlers Manila 2.0’s Cosplay Kingdom was a big hit with many attendees as it celebrated freedom, creativity, and acceptance.

Howlers Manila 2.0 did a splendid job of bringing communities from different walks of life together, and as they promised, it was a groundbreaking journey that made everyone a part of something bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. Our congratulations to all the organizers for a job well done as we already look forward to even bigger events from them. is proud to have been a media partner for Howlers Manila 2.0 Cosplay and Music Festival. Many thanks to our Correspondents Keileen and Rica for covering the event for us, and to our Photographer Mathew for his shots.

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