Baguio will be hosting an event for the ages as the country’s very first annual Renaissance Faire will be enchanting legions of avid revelers for near and far this coming March 22, 23, and 24, 2024 at the Carantes Ancestral Forest. Ren Faire PH, with a multitude of fascinating activities, attractions, games, special guests and contests, anticipation has reached fever pitch for what has promised to be a incredibly memorable and historic experience.

With sensational interest from the public and from the media ever since Ren Faire PH has been announced, Chairein and the organizers have said that they have sought to forge a community united in a shared passion for the magical, mystical, nerdy, geeky, and niche with reverence for culture and history, and an open embrace of innovation, creativity, and artistry.

A Renaissance Faire has traditionally been an outdoor gathering celebrated around the world that seeks to recreate historical settings from medieval times to the Renaissance. Ren Faire PH would then be a venue for showcasing and promoting 15th/16th century sports, activities and artistic pursuits while incorporating various aspects of Philippine culture to the original concepts of western renaissance gatherings.

Promising a once-in-a lifetime magical experience, Ren Faire PH has assembled the most fascinating activities, attractions, games, special guests and contests from near and far in a celebration that no event before has attempted to bring to the public.

Ren Faire PH will be where where fantasy meets history in a tapestry of color and merriment as it strives to be the first to bring Filipinos this festive and immersive experience.

Make sure to stay updated by checking their website: and their Facebook page: is proud to be the media partner for Ren Faire PH, so we hope to see you there as we have a special coverage of the event.

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