The community will be off to another exciting adventure as Cosplay Carnival 2024 – Prelude to the Seas transports attendees to another monumental incredible spectacle this March 23 and 24, 2023 at Function Rooms 3 to 5 of SMX Convention Center Manila. Already a fabled tradition by the cosplay and anime community, Cosplay Carnival promises a treasure trove of entertainment and attractions to its legions of fans and attendees.

 Already on its sixth year, Cosplay Carnival: Reborn a Dragon takes on a new look as it is the first event in the Cosplay Mania Isekai Reborn Event series for 2023, which includes FanFes, Anime and Cosplay Expo: ACX, Cosplay Matsuri, and Cosplay Mania.   It promises to take attendees as adventurers into a different world to take on quests and explore vast new realms.

With an engaging fantasy theme, astounding activities and attractions have already been announced and would be including Carnival fan favorites, such as Cosplay Karaoke, Cosplay OTP, All-Star Avenue, Cosplay Auction, Frenemy Feud and the Cosplanomicon.

 Cosplay Carnival  2023 will also be featuring its special guest cosplayers, Xiaoyu and Larissa Rochefort, for onstage appearances and Autograph Signing and Photography Sessions, and will be a must-see for all true fans of cosplay.

With all these exciting attractions,  Cosplay Carnival  2024 is definitely an event you would like to explore and have an adventure with your friends and family. is proud to be the media partner for Cosplay Carnival 2023, so we hope to see you there as we have a special coverage of the event.

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