Action shooters are one of the most popular and exciting genres in online gaming, and a new era has arrived with the launch of Paravox by Game Developer 81Ravens. An avid and eager community has already gathered around this engaging new game and they have gathered last weekend to celebrate its imminent Open Beta with a spectacular soft launch.

The Paravox launch was nothing short of spectacular, featuring the personalities behind the game, cosplayers and brand ambassadors, as well as phenomenal cosplayer and avid gamer Myrtle Sarrosa taking part in the festivities. With everyone partaking enjoying in games, raffles, matches, and presentations about the game, the community, media and supporters from all over shared a memorable time reveling in the excitement of a brand new game that is sure to be a hit.

Paravox is a 3-on-3 third-person shooter set in a futuristic world that combines high-speed character control with intense competitive play. Players can pick from different weapons based on their brands and challenge other players in area-style maps

The game will feature highly competitive and high-speed action which requires skills to dominate the battlefield. With your agile character, you can jump around the terrain to outsmart your opponent to take the objective and win the competition. With a 3-on-3 match setup, battles will be tight and intense as you and 2 of your friends need to coordinate well to turn the tides of the battle. Regarding arsenal, there are 6 weapon brands to choose from, each representing different weapon types and specialties ranging from katanas, shotguns, and sniper rifles, allowing more varieties to help you win. Any competitive games are not complete without any rewards, participating in rank matches can earn you tokens to use for purchasing cosmetics, items and more, and the higher your rank, the better rewards you can earn.

Expect onsite activities to be rolled out when the game launches as 81Ravens will launch the Paravox Labs, which is an iCafe partnership program where they will initiate internet cafe-based programs such as freeplay sessions and mini tournaments for everyone to experience Paravox as well as to help develop new esports athletes in the grassroots scene. The program will also have peripherals and merchandise support that can dress up the cafes on theme with the game.

And bigger things are being planned for the esports scene. A large tournament league is being planned, featuring some of the best esports teams along with a whopping JPY (Japanese Yen) 100 million prize pool, and it will be held in Japan. More details will be revealed soon.

Paravox starts its Open Beta on March 8, 2024 at 6:00 PM PH Time, Wishlist the game at the Epic Game Store: You can register for the game from their official website:

Don’t forget to follow the official social media channels and stay updated for new developments and special announcements about the game:

Many thanks to everyone at Paravox and 21Ravens for inviting us to witness the alaunch of their brand new game. Many thanks to our Correspondent Naru for covering the event with us. Special mention to our website’s Cosplay Model Jane for being one of the ambassadors who got to help promote the game.

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