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Prepare for a 3D RPG Shooter Adventure in Snowbreak: Containment Zone- StoreRegistration Now Open, Global Release Date Revealed!

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary gaming adventure as Amazing Seasun Games announces the arrival of Snowbreak: Containment Zone, a 3D sci-fi RPG shooter masterpiece. With an astonishing 1 million pre-registrations, the game has sparked fervent discussions among players worldwide. Now, players can secure their spot in this highly anticipated experience as pre-registration for “Snowbreak: Containment Zone” is officially open on the App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, mark your calendars as the global public beta for “Snowbreak: Containment Zone” is set to launch on July 20.

Store pre-registration now available, and global public beta date announced!

Introducing the brand-new, multi-platform masterpiece, “Snowbreak: Containment Zone” This game seamlessly combines elements of third-person shooter, action role-playing, and science fiction. Recently, the official announcement has declared the commencement of pre-registrations on the App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, a global simultaneous release for the game is scheduled to launch on by pre-ordering the game on the store platform or the official website, players can avail themselves of exclusive in-game gifts during the public beta. That’s not all! Engage in the Heimdall assembly event on the official website, invite friends to pre-register, and earn an additional chance to participate in a lucky draw. Prizes in the draw include virtual treasure gift packs, as well as the opportunity to win real prizes such as the “iPhone 14 Pro,” “Samsung S23 Ultra,” and gift cards.

Get a Sneak Peek at Snowbreak: Containment Zone

This Sci-Fi RPG Shooter with 1 Million Pre-Registrations Now Opens Sign-up for the Global Closed Beta Test

Amazing Seasun Games has announced that its upcoming RPG-shooter, Snowbreak: Containment Zone, has reached the impressive milestone of 1 million pre-registrations following the release of the closed beta testing project. The game was unveiled in March and is expected to launch this year. To pre-register, please visit the official website or TapTap. To join the CBT, please sign up here.

Upcoming Event: FragFest, the Country’s Newest FPS Festival


A brand-new event dedicated to the loyal community of the First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter genres will be exploding this June as gaming event organizer Gariath Concepts presents FragFest. the Country’s Newest FPS Festival.  FragFest is a totally FREE event set to happen on June 9-10, 2018 and will feature a wide array of booths and activities.

Upcoming Events: 50,000 USD in Prizes at Crossfire Stars National Finals and CFS Invitational Manila




A staggering 50,000 USD will be up for grabs as Manila continues to be one of the center of eSports this year with top-grossing game CrossFire making its mark on gamers all over the Philippines by bringing the  Crossfire Stars National Finals and CFS Invitational Manila.  An online multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter), CrossFire (CF) carries on the grand tradition of fast-paced action that has made the genre a favorite in both casual and e-sports circles: close encounters, reduced to split-second reflexes and aiming skills, combined with a significant team dynamic, making for an intense adrenaline rush of a gaming experience.

Invitational Otaku URule Photoshoot 4 (IOP4)


The group Cosplay Famiglia with their take of the Black Rock Shooter game characters.


Outdoor photoshoots are great opportunities to get really great shots with lots of action amid great scenery.  However, one must contend with nature’s less convenient side. like the heat, sudden rain, humidity, mud, and lots of bugs.   Of course, the reliable senior field correspondents of arkadymac.com, Nyanbu and Obito-kun, will never mind going head-on against such perils and just laugh in the face of discomfort as they bring you our special coverage of the Invitational Otaku URule Photoshoot 4, or IOP4.  It is a photo marathon where cosplayers are paired with photographers and have photoshoots inside the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.



Obito-kun and Nyanbu report for duty despite almost going mad from the summer heat.


The theme for this particular event was “groups,” so cosplayers whose characters are from the same anime, manga, game, comic, or cartoon had a chance to show their stuff and had fun with their fellows.   Despite the intense heat and humidity and even a strong, sudden rain shower in the afternoon, those who participated in the even had a blast as another successful cosplay event came to an end.

Here are some of the photos we took at the event.  Thank you for dropping by and please do visit us again soon.

Please click on a photo to view the slideshow.


Nyanbu and his ANBU crew pose for the cameras.




The Six Paths of Pain.



BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger cosplayers.





Nagato, konan and Yahiko.



Yamato and Tenten from Naruto.



Bleach cosplayers.


More from the ANBU crew.



The Black Rock Shooter cosplayers having some fun.






 Tenten with a giant summoning scroll.





Eiri Mina as Yuno Gasai posing with the Six paths of Pain.











Please keep in mind that the IOP 4 event did not exactly end like this.


Catch you all again at the next cosplay event. Thank you for visiting.


Ozine Fest 2013


The entire staff of arkadymac.com goes full force in bringing you highlights from all three days of Ozine Fest 2013 held at SM Megamall. Nyanbu, Stephanie and Obito-kun brave the front lines to bring you all the great action.


 Day 1


Nyanbu has it tough as he has to cover all three days of Ozine Fest 2013 at SM Megamall over the weekend.  Luckily, our wonderful partner Eiri came in as Rise Kujikawa to help the beleaguered and overwhelmed Nyanbu out.  First day started with a bang with Battle of the Bands and Anime Karaoke, with great prizes going to the winners.  Of course there were booths and stalls, like a wishing shrine, matsuri exhibit, a maid cafe, a host club, tarot reading, and a whole lot more.  Lots of fun and excitement were in store for the visitors, with special guests gracing the event.

Nyanbu likes to go on and on but it’s three in the morning and has to work in a few hours so he can go to Day 2 later.  So here are some photos of the event.  Thanks for all your support and please enjoy the rest of our coverage. Please stay tuned.

Please click on a photo to view slideshow.



















Day 2


No rest for the weary kitten as Nyanbu brings you our special coverage of Ozine Fest Day 2 at SM Megamall held over the weekend. Absolutely lots of people attending the event and an amazing multitude of cosplayers were there to be seen.  There were so many cosers that Nyanbu had a hard time keeping up. Ah, must be that age thing.  Or maybe it was because he was constantly chasing Sean Vergil, a rather hyperactive but very cute little Son Goku.

As Nyanbu will be off to work soon, we must apologize for giving you this humble installment of pictures but we promise to update the post real soon, okay? And please stay tuned for our Day 3 coverage, by far the best coverage we ever had.

Thank you for all your support.

Please click on a photo to view slideshow.


















Day 3, Part 1


Ozine Fest 2013 is undeniably the biggest cosplay event this summer, with thousands of visitors over the three day-affair, filling the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls to to capacity.  So to give you the best possible coverage of this amazing event, the entire senior officers and staff of arkadymac.com went to Ozine Fest in full force and ready to tackle the unforgiving crowds, and the hordes of screaming yaoi fangirls and crazed otaku.


And because giving our loyal friends, visitors, and readers the best coverage possible is our priority, we have enlisted the services of our newest cosplay correspondent, the lovely and genki Stephanie as Hatsune Miku.  It is with open arms (and a sigh of relief) that we welcome Stephanie into the group as she has distinguished herself well on the field of combat despite being only her first field assignment for the blog.  We’ll have a special feature about Stephanie herself real soon so please stay tuned for that as well.


Lots of attractions and events going on in and around the venue, so the staff had to work thrice as hard to bring you the highlights.  Xtian Mack was in charge of public relations,  Obito-kun providing attention and publicity for the site, and Stephanie being our cover girl for guests and cosplayers alike.  Special acknowledgement to our tensai photographer, Buraimaku, for his amazing snapshots of the event.

We hope you enjoy our special coverage of Ozine 2013, but we urge you to come back in the next few days as we’ll be posting more great photos.  Thank you all for your support.

Please click on a photo to view the slideshow.























OzineFestD3Pt1_017 OzineFestD3Pt1_019









OzineFestD3Pt1_025 OzineFestD3Pt1_001




Day 3, Part 2


With the recently concluded Ozine Fest 2013 undeniably being the biggest cosplay event this summer, we actually had to separate our Day 3 coverage into several parts.  With lots of attractions going on at any given time within the Megatrade halls of SM Megamall that Sunday, people were just in a frenzy taking part in the event.  Ozine Fest also attracted literally hundreds of cosplayers to the venue, which was why it was a tall order just to keep up with them and bringing you, our beloved readers, our special coverage of the event.


We are thankful that the sweet and genki Stephanie has stepped up to the challenge and lent us a hand, being our field correspondent on Part 1, the previous post.

Now Kaloy, a.k.a. Obito-kun, takes charge in bringing you Part 2 of our Day 3 coverage.  He was quite a hit with the people himself as more than a hundred asked to take pictures of him and with him.  He was up to the challenge as we bring you more highlights in the continuation of our special Ozine 2013 coverage.  And of course, we would have been lost without our tensai photoman Buraimaku taking splendid snapshots of the event.  Special thanks to Mika for her unwavering support as well.  Please tune in within the next few days for more updates and more photos. Thank you for all your support.



































Day 3, Part 3


No, please. There isn’t much to begin with.  Nyanbu having too much fun with these zombies at Ozine Fest 2013 Day 3.

With this post we conclude our special coverage of Ozine Fest 2013, undeniably the biggest cosplay event this summer.  It was also the most successful event of the season, with thousands coming in to visit and cosplay through its three-day duration.   It was long and exhausting and crowded, but the event sure was a lot of fun.  Although we perform our job for this blog very seriously for the sake of our extremely loyal readers, we must admit that this is a job we enjoy doing as we get to meet different kinds of people, get to make new friends, get to take pictures with visitors and make them happy, and more importantly, get to better appreciate this unusual but nevertheless amazing activity we call cosplaying.



Nyanbu, Stephanie and Obito-kun are proud and happy to have brought you our special coverage of Ozine Fest 2013.

We would like to thank you, our beloved readers, for taking the time to drop by the website.  As long as you are there to support us, we will not stop bringing you the hottest cosplay events in the country.  We would like to thank the cosplayers who have posed for our cameras.  One of these days we will have the time and manpower to get all of your names so that we can thank and acknowledge each and every one of you properly.  To the organizers of the event, congratulations on a job well done and we look forward to more in the (near) future.  To our amazing photoman, Buraimaku, for his wonderful photography, we are always grateful.

And for our concluding part we have Nyanbu guiding us through the rest of the highlights of the event.  He hopes you have enjoyed our humble coverage and hopes you’ll visit us again for our next event coverage.  Thank you for all your support.

Please click on a photo to view slideshow.


 Nyanbu with our friend Miko cosplaying as Razor, the Lightning Revenant.



 Nyanbu clashes with Miko as Razor. We congratulate him on winning the event’s Best Male Cosplay Category.



 Seasoned cosplayer Ae Ri never fails to amaze the crowd as Sara Pezzini of Witchblade.



 Nyanbu spars with this feisty lady.



 Nyanbu with Mecha-Godzilla, winner of the Mecha Cosplay Category.



 How about these wonderul girl-type and boy-type Ranmas? Oh, there’s P-chan too.



 A mind-blowing Infested Sarah Kerrigan cosplay.



 Nice pose but Nyanbu loses this round against Anna Williams of Tekken.



 One of my best picks of the day.



 We were all delighted with this adorable little Battusai.



 Nyanbu just had to take a photo with this absolutely alluring Kakashi crossplayer.



 Nyanbu, Stephanie and Mari as Naruto pose for the crowd.



 We give our sign of approval to this gorgeous crossplayer of America from Hetalia: Axis Powers.



 Nyanbu at his fifth appearance in a cosplay competition.



 Irish as Lucy of Fairy Tail has Nyanbu in quite a predicament.



Just when we thought Chi was a shy, withdrawn character, here she was almost hacking poor Nyanbu to shreds.



 Nyanbu: … so I tell them, “I said I wanted elves, not Elvis.”

Joker: *lol*



 Nyanbu no reach against our old friend Ken as Marshall Law.