The cosplay community sailed off to another exciting adventure as Cosplay Carnival 2024: Prelude to the Seas gave attendees a unique and memorable odyssey last March 23 and 24, 2023 at Function Rooms 3 to 5 of SMX Convention Center Manila. With treasure troves of entertainment and attractions to its multitude of fans and attendees, Cosplay Carnival lived up to its tradition of an engaging and enjoyable event.

Already on its sixth sensational year, Cosplay Carnival presented a new look as it is the first event in the Chronicles of Cosplay Mania Event series for 2024, which will include FanFes, Anime and Cosplay Expo: ACX, CosMeet, Cosplay Matsuri, and Cosplay Mania.  This series promises to take attendees out on varied exciting adventures into different worlds, to take on quests and explore vast new realms.

Cosplay Carnival 2024 was also an adventure to the many fandoms, and the adventurer-attendees were treated to a multitude of fascinating exhibitors and merchants who got to entice the crowd incredible merch, items, toys, collectibles, accessories, crafts, art, servies and everything in between, like McDonalds, Vols, District 1 Cosplay Studio, T-Tees, Perry in Disguise, and many more. And of course, All Star Avenue showcased fan-favorite cosplay celebrities where there were picture-taking, merch selling, and autograph signing, a delight for true fans everywhere.

While onstage, Event hosts Naru, Pau and Jet welcomed everyone to the show and whipped up everyone to frenzied excitement as they took the audience for a journey of a lifetime with engaging and animated activities like Cosplay Auctions.

Sensational guest performers Yumeshow and AiDreamin hyped up the crowd with their fascinating performances on stage.

There was fun for everyone with engaging contests with the audience with The Big Picture and Frenemy Feud. All the contestants got to show show their wits and knowledge of anime, gaming, and otaku culture and everyone was a good sport in participating in all of the games Cosplay Carnival has to offer.

Crowd-favorite singing contest Cosplay Karaoke ran for both days with both anime and mainstream editions, with some of the best singers in the community going toe to toe with each other in giving their best musical performances. They had the audience cheering and singing along to well-loved tunes that transcended generations, even with the additional twist of songs being chosen for them at random.

Cosplay Carnival has also prided itself with its diverse and exciting cosplay contests. Day 1 was Cosplay OTP where contestants showed off their cosplays and talents in front of the crowd. Cosplay OTP had cosplayers do their splendid catwalks after which they made unique “tags” as the went in and out the stage, to the delight of fans and judges alike.

Day 2 got to feature a much-anticipated Cosplay Group Dance Battle where contestants thrilled the audience with their frenetic and creative performances that wowed the crowd. The audience could not get enough as cheers and shrieks echoed in praise of the talented groups taking the stage. The winners got to take home some really great prizes for being judged as the best.

 Cosplay Carnival  2024 also got to feature its special guest cosplayers, Xiaoyu and Larissa Rochefort, for exciting onstage appearances, judging the various contests, and Autograph Signing and Photography Sessions, and were must-see for all true fans of cosplay, with their Filipino fans all ecstatic to see their idols in the flesh.

There was also the announcement of the special guests for’s upcoming event, FanFes 2024, and they are South Korean cosplayer Berry, JooA, ING and Tomiya.

And as always, was there for the cosplayers. There were so many in attendance, all eager and excited to cosplay, all with a wide range of characters and themes. It’s evident that cosplay as a hobby and passion continues to thrive with the thousands of cosplayers who are passionate and earnest in their craft. We had photos with some of them with our Correspondent Vanessa. has been proud to be Cosplay Carnival 2024’s official media partner for the sixth straight year. Many thanks to our photographer Marvin for his shots, and to our Correspondents Anmu and Vanessa for helping us cover the event.

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