7th Philippine Cosplay Convention 2014, Day 2



Sorry for the late release of our post on the second day of the 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention.  It has been quite a hectic but exciting weekend.  Hundreds of cosplayers were in attendance and it was a challenge to try to get as many of them on my camera.




In a year and a half of covering over 70 cosplay events, sometimes it’s hard for me to get excited about any particular convention.  That wasn’t the case for Philippine Cosplay Convention 2014.  I’ve been waiting for it since the last one last year.  Why you ask?  It’s a great event that celebrates a really broad spectrum of cosplay genres and categories where you get to see really fresh and amazing cosplays from all over the Philippines.  Oh, and it’s held at Robinson’s Place Manila too.  I personally think the events there are the absolute best.  Entrance is free, the venue is relatively open and spacious, and their staff and security are particularly courteous.  If it isn’t obvious yet, I like attending events here.




The 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention was organized by Cosplay.ph in partnership with Hobbiworx Inc. and Robinson’s Place Manila.  Boasting of being the longest running free event for all cosplay enthusiasts, it was a well-attended event, with veterans, newbies and regular congoers particularly eager to be there and to be seen and to partake in the many attractions during the event, like exhibits, cosplay contests, performances, anime and cosplay auctions.




The Midtown Atrium of Robinson Place Manila in Ermita was bustling with activity as even ordinary mallgoers got to experience the event along with the regular patrons, particularly curious of the various merchandise booths selling toys, wigs, costumes, accessories and many more.




One of the featured events on the second day was the Filipino Cosplay Category where contestants cosplay characters from Filipino pop culture.  Of the handful of great cosplayers who participated, Justin Lavio as Grava Man of Kidlat won the top prize.

There was also the Dragon Nest Cosplay Contest sponsored by Cherry Credits.   Dragon Nest is a popular MMORPG and contestants had great cosplays based on the characters from the game.  The winner was Izaiah Luke Buelos as Black Dragon.




Then there was the Group Cosplay contest where teams of cosplayers gave great performances in front of the crowd.  The winner was the Arrow cosplay team.




The second day of the event was as enjoyable as the first, but with more cosplayers, some having attended the first day as well.  Cosplayers were mingling with the crowds and having their photos taken.  For me it was another chance to get as many of them as I can on my camera.




I cosplayed again that day as I took coverage photos of the event.  Again it was tough doing both but it makes me very happy being able to enjoy the benefits of being a photographer and cosplayer.  As night came I just took it easy and spent time catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones.  PCC 2014 was all I expected it to be and more and I definitely consider it as one of the better cosplay events this year.













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