What’s exciting about the cosplay community is that there are so many creative and imaginative individuals and groups who push the limits to deliver new and exciting things to the cosplay scene.  Our friends over at the  Blue Pirate Channel do just that with visually engaging photography and videography that incorporates cosplay, music and stunning visual effects.




Headed by our friend, Direk, Blue Pirate Channel is a media group that covers cosplay and related events all over the metro, and they are particularly active during conventions and photoshoots, like this one for a certain cosplay group.




Blue Pirate Channel particularly specializes in creating videos, engaging the community with by involving the cosplayers and con-goers in skits and interviews.  They also get to produce music videos with a young and talented cosplay team of their own.


We are happy to be able to present some of their work on our website.  Here is a a music video featuring many guest cosplayers at Toycon 2014 Day 3 at SM Megamall  as part of the Blue Pirate Channel coverage.


Here we have a cover music video of Ewan by Imago, featuring our very own premier Cosplay Model Nicole:



Blue Pirate Channel was also gracious enough to do the video coverage of the first ever photoshoot sponsored by, entitled the Spectacularly Sudden Summer Photoshoot 2014.  We are very grateful of course and invite you to see for yourself what transpired that day.



Make sure to catch more of their great work at their Facebook page at 


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