Vampy, Jeremy Shada, Make Out Monday, Allison Harvard, J Ryu at APCC Presscon


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Excitement for upcoming event AsiaPop Comic Con Manila 2015 reached fever-pitch as amazing international guests made smashing appearances one after another for the media at the press conference Tuesday afternoon.  Held at the plush Salon de Ning of The Peninsula Manila, Vampy, Jeremy Shada, Make Out Monday, Allison Harvard, and J Ryu surprised everyone by already being in Manila to help promote the event. is an official media partner for APCC Manila 2015, and we are glad to bring you the highlights of the event.


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Starting around 2 pm, the program started with what was supposed to be a phone patch from one of the guests, but it turned out that he was already there with the media assembled at the room.  Jeremy Shada, voice actor for Finn of Cartoon Network’s Emmy-nominated series, Adventure Time, surprised everyone as he came to the front and joined the host on stage.  He took time to greet and welcome everyone and share his excitement for APCC.


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He then called out the rest of the members of the band he belonged to, Make Out Monday, with his brother, Zack Sharda and friends, Seth Renken, Logan Charles, and Johm Spicer.   Singing since at the age of six and playing the bass since 12, Jeremy has utilized any spare time he has to hone his skills and forming the band.  They told about their experiences so far in the country


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More surprises were in store for the media as the next set of guests came out in explosive fashion with model Allison Elizabeth Harvard, renowned cosplayer Vampy Bit Me, and sculptor J Ryu.  The press assembled couldn’t get enough of them as they revealed their experience in the country, with Allison having stayed in the country for two years and Vampy being her second time here.  J Ryu unveiled his latest creation which he will be exhibiting for the first time anywhere only at APCC.


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Allison Elizabeth Harvard is an American model, artist, actress, and Internet personality, best known as the runner-up of both cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model and America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars.


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Vampy has been cosplaying for 16 years and was first founded by Japanese company Kotobukiya USA for her Cosplays and featured in Danny Choos Otacool 2 as a featured Cosplay artist. She also worked on her own show JusCos, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist channel as a host introducing the public to the world of Cosplay and the passions behind the lifestyle. She recently has been followed by CNN to talk about her life as a traveling artist in the world of Cosplay. She can be seen online making large robot costumes, enjoying gaming on her 3DS and designing clothes and toys. She is always excited to see the community grow and flourish into what it is today.


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Jesse R. Yu, also known as J★RYU, is a Los Angeles-based sculptor focused on exploring the themes of life and death and more intriguingly, what lies beyond. He has also been honoured to work with companies such as a Kidrobot, Flabslab, Art Whino, Rotofugi, myplasticheart, Munky King, Topps and artists such as Angry Woebots, Luke Chueh, Jermaine Rogers, Nosego and more on collaborations and shows. In 2012, J★RYU was nominated and won for the Best Toy Customizer category at the Designer Toy Awards, an annual celebration of accomplishments for the designer toy industry.  He primarily works in epoxy, polymer clay and resin as well frequent customizations on top of vinyl art collectibles.


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After their interviews by the host, everyone was called to the stage for some photos.


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We were then given time to do interviews with the guests, and we got to know more about the interesting lives of these truly fascinating people.  They were also gracious in having our coverage team have photos and selfies with them.  They were truly engaging and masters of their art, music and craft, and we’ll have a separate article on the insightful sessions we had with them plus videos very soon on our website.


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With this almost unbelievable press conference, AsiaPop Comic Con Manila 2015 is really shaping up to be the biggest pop culture event of the year, so do be there at the World Trade Center this September 18, 19 and 20 for an event like no other as even more international guests will be flying over to Manila to share their art and talent and take part in the fun.

Helping us out with our coverage were our correspondents and photographers Keileen, Kami and Jillian, who got to have fun at the event as well.


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