Stellar fandom action hits south of the Metro as Cosmic Con 2019 happens this coming weekend, October 19 and 20, 2019 at the plush Ayala Malls South Park. With NO ENTRANCE FEE needed, this is a free event returning on its third year of having various fandoms together to gather and have fun, share and collaborate. has been Cosmic Con’s media partner for three years now, so we hope to catch you there as we have a special coverage of the event.

Aside from coverage, will also have a special role at the event as our Cosplay Models Raven, Jane and Nico will be there as special guests and judge.

The team will also be taking part in very interesting panels called Cosmic Discussions on both days.

A popular and outstanding cosplayer from Vietnam will also be coming to join the festivities. Hanabi will be at Cosmic Con 2019 for special appearances and meet and greet sessions.

Lots of activities in store for everyone, so do register for the #CosmicCon2019 Competitions (walk-in participants are also welcome.
Cosmic K-Idol –
Cosplay Idol Season 5: Cosmic Con Edition –
Cosplay Versus –
Cosmic Voice –
AniFashion SHow –

Event Schedule:

11:00AM – Official Opening of Event
11:00AM – 1:00PM – Confirmation for Cosmic K-Idol
11:00AM – 3:00PM – Confirmation for Cosplay Idol Season 5 Special Edition
12:30PM – 1:00PM – Cosmic Challenge: Name That Tune
1:00PM – 1:30PM – Cosmic Discussion: My Life as a KPop Fan
1:30PM – 1:40PM – Special Performance V’s Project
1:40PM – 2:00PM – Cosmic Challenge: Deal or No Deal
2:00PM – 2:30PM – Cosmic Discussion: What is Cancel Culture?
2:30PM – 2:40PM – Performance C.H.A.S.E.D
2:40PM – 3:20PM – Auction
3:20PM – 5:00PM – Cosmic K-Idol
5:00pm – 5:10pm – Special Performance G James (King G)
5:10PM – 5:20PM – Special Performance Hiro and Kazuki
5:20PM – 7:00PM – Cosplay Idol Season 5: Special Edition
7:00PM – 7:10PM – Special Performance Hanabi
7:10PM – 7:40PM – Cosmic Discussion: Cosplay and It’s Personal Effects on You
7:40PM – 7:50PM – Special Performance WildCards
7:50PM – 8:00PM – Special Performance Ian Lee
8:00PM – Announcement of Winners

11:00AM – Official Opening of Event
11:00AM – 12:30PM – Confirmation for Cosmic Voice
11:00AM – 3:00PM – Confirmation for Cosplay Versus
1:00PM – 2:00PM – Cosmic Challenge: Who Wants to be the Ultimate Otaku (Cosmic Con edition)
2:00PM – 2:40PM – Cosmic Discussion: Team Labas – Good or Bad for Events?
2:40PM – 4:00PM – Cosplay Versus
4:00PM – 4:40PM – Cosmic Discussion: What to Expect for MCU Phase 4?
4:40PM – 6:20PM – Cosmic Voice
6:20PM – 7:00PM – AniFashion Show

Event Highlights:

• COSPLAY VERSUS – this is a new type of cosplay competition where cosplayers will be divided into 2 teams. Each team goes on stage and the judges give a score for each cosplayer. The one with the higher score wins the round.
• COSMIC K-IDOL – A grand search for KPop idol where cover groups, singer and cosplayers compete for the title of Ultimate Cosmic K-Idol.
• COSMIC DISCUSSIONS – interesting panel discussion about various topics.
• COSMIC VOICE – a Singing Competition where participants perform their favorite Pop Culture song (anime, Japanese, Korean, superhero song). Each contestant need to avoid 2 buzzers in order to go to the next round. The top 5 contestants will proceed to the finals.
• COSMIC CHALLENGE – get your group and organization to participate in our group challenges.

  1. Get It Right – a game like “The Price is Right”, where contestants guess the price of an item and the closest to the price wins. If the contestant gets the correct price there is a bonus item.
  2. Rhythm Game – a Japanese number game.
  3. Group Battle – set of challenges for groups and can range from games such as jeopardy, guess the song, guess the phrase etc.
  4. Memory Challenge – contestants will guess the phrase or word in projected on the screen and the first one who will get It right wins the round
  5. COSMIC BAZAAR – booths and sponsors exhibiting games, fashion and more. They will be allowed to promote and sell during the event.

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