The biggest Lolita and J-Fashion event of the year is here as Welcome to Wonderland will be having their Grand Tea Party on September 10, 2022, 11AM – 8PM, at the Otacute Wallstreet Event Area in Sampaloc, Manila. Attendees will be treated to an enchanting day that is all about lolita and Japanese fashion that will appeal to enthusiasts and the curious alike.

Welcome to Wonderland Grand Tea Party is a Lolita and Japanese Street Fashion extravaganza that aims to showcase various Japanese Street Fashion styles, such as Lolita Fashion and Kimono styles as seen in the vibrant streets of Harajuku.

Making the event even more memorable will be their special guest performers: Jan (Cristine Jan Elaurza), KiraKiraKat (Kat Langomez), FESTA PH, and Seishun Kakumei. Adding sparkle to the fabulous contests for the day are the special guest judges for the fashion and art contests: Maronne Cruz, Sanakan Igarashi, Karlonne Santos, and Christopher Alcantara OP

Welcome to Wonderland has already released the schedule for easy reference of attendees in what promises to be a fun and exciting program.

Lots of fascinating contests for fans to take part in and enjoy, so watch out for these during the program. Winners get to take home wonderful prizes from the organizers and sponsors.

There is also a party-exclusive menu for Welcome to Wonderland Grand Tea Party courtesy of Captain Incooknito and there’ll be 5 tea party-exclusive pastries in his booth, which are definitely some things you can look forward to.

 Make sure to get your tickets now for a fantastic party you won’t soon forget. You can still get your tickets here:

Welcome to Wonderland Grand Tea Party will be held at OtaCutE‘s Wallstreet Event Area. Here’s the map of the venue: is proud to be the media partner for the Welcome to Wonderland Grand Tea Party, so we hope to see you there as we have a special coverage of the event.

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