PokeCon PH 2023: Bringing Pokémon Fans Together

It was a delightful celebration for all the wonderful things that have made Pokémon a world-wide phenomenon as the first-ever PokéCon PH was held last May 13, 2023 at Upperbox, Promenade Mall, Greenhills. With lots of games, attractions, booths, contests and special guests in store for attendees, PokéCon 2023 was a fun and memorable event for the Pokémon community.

As the biggest gathering of Philippine Pokémon fans ever, the Pokémon Philippines Community treated the many fans who attended many activities and attractions. There was the Kid’s Corner where the young ones can have fun and relax. PokéCon PH artists and sellers also got to display and sell awesome Pokémon artwork, toys, merchandise, and more that celebrated the love for the franchise. A photobooth was also there for some nifty shots and mementos.

Enjoyable activities also included the community meet and greet, Pokémon trading, and having fun with mini games. It also included the first-ever Live Trivia Challenge, and the finals of the Pokémon VGC tournament.

Sskait, Allan Jeffrey C. Bacar, was a special guest at PokeConPH2023. AJ Bacar is an independent comic artist and author behind award-winning Sskait comics. Sskait has been a way for AJ to connect with others through relatable humor, and show his love for things like Pokémon, through last year’s mini series “No Chill Pikachu.”

Special guests also included DJ Kara and Jeff Utanes. Pokémon Philippines’ pride – DJ Kara (Klariz Magboo), has been the voice behind Ash Ketchum for the Philippine dub of the Pokémon anime aired in GMA7. She also did the voice for Ash’s mom – Delia Ketchum. Alongside her was dubbing director and voice artist Jefferson Seril Utanes, aka Goku ng Pinas, as he will also be one of the special guests at the event. Jeff Utanes voices James and Giovanni of Team Rocket, Clemont, Alain, Drew, Professor Oak, Samson Oak, Professor Birch, Pokédex, Pokémon Narrator, and many supporting characters! they had an amazing stage segment where they got to talk about their experience and love for Pokémon.

Attendees were invited to dress up in their best Pokémon-related outfits and bring their partner Pokémon, and PokéCon PH 2023 also hosted an engaging cosplay competition that was open to all. arkadymac.com’s Correspondent Sabthulhu was one of the judges for the competition alongside Han and Gamebookr. Contestants showed off their love for Pokémon as well as their colorful and creative costumes to the delight of the audience.

And of course, arkadymac.com was there for the cosplayers who really love and enjoy transforming themselves into the many fun and fantastic characters from the Pokemon universe. Even their pets got to join in the fun.

PokéCon PH 2023 was a stunning success, with so many Pokemon fans attending and participating in the activities. It was a testament to the enthusiasm, love and longevity of the community that has made Pokemon a part of their lives. We look forward to their future events.

arkadymac.com is the media partner for PokeCon PH 2023. Many thanks to our Correspondent Sabthulhu for covering the event for us and for being a judge for the cosplay competition. Many thanks as well to our Photographer Jake for his shots.

Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.

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