Traditionally being one of the biggest events of the season, Mini Ozine Fest 2023 delighted fans from all over the country last May 20 and 21, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center. Featuring incredible guest cosplayers, activities, exhibitors, and other attractions, Mini Ozine Fest 2023 gave an enjoyable weekend to all its attendees.

Mini Ozine Fest 2023 always enjoyed the status of being one of the major community events each year and it has definitely welcomed many of its fans through its doors this year. With much focus on its exhibits, attractions and stage activities. There was definitely something for everyone last weekend.

A lot of exhibitors got to show off their wares at Mini Ozine Fest 2023 as different fandoms are always looking for their favorite merch, happy to oblige with numerous exhibitors and booths featured at the Artist Alley, the cosplay alley, and many other exhibitors appealing to every taste of fandom like our friends from Perry in Disguise and T-Tees. A number of them were also out on the foyer to cater to patrons.

Special guest cosplayers were present to take part at Mini Ozine Fest 2023, like Ely, Siutao, Charess, Miho, and Cholo, and they really drew in their legions of fans who couldn’t get enough of them at meet and greet sessions and at stage appearances.

Always looking to engage with is attendees, Mini Ozine Fest will feature aspiring singing stars perform at Anime Duet Singing Contest and Acoustic Duo Singing Contest, with wonderful prizes given off to the winners.

And of course, one of the highlights of Mini Ozine Fest 2023 was the exciting Cosplay Competitions which showcased the talents of extraordinary cosplayers who had incredible performances on stage to the cheers of the crowd. The competition was judged by our Correspondent and Cosplay Model Nico Jeon alongside fellow outstanding and cosplayers.

Mini Ozine Fest 2023 got to deliver on its promises of a big and fun event that attendees won’t certainly forget for quite a while. See you all again at Otaku Expo Tanabata Special! is the media partner for Mini Ozine Fest 2023. Many thanks to our Correspondents Lia, Sab, Irene, and Nico for helping us cover the event and our Photographers Stephen, Marvin, and Mat for our event shots.

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