Dice chuckers and card floppers, all fervent fans of board and card games got to rejoice as they finally got to have a grand convention where they can indulge in their passions. Manila Game Fest played host to this devoted community last May 20-21, 2023 at at SMX Convention Center Manila. As the biggest gaming event of the year, Manila Game Fest invited everyone to gather their friends, play, and enjoy their favorite games in an accommodating and enjoyable atmosphere.

Manila Game Fest started out as a part of previous Unbox events but this year it had become its own convention to the delight its fanatical community. The event invited everyone to shop for steal deals on Magic: The Gathering, Flesh & Blood, board games, table top and trading card games accessories, and other tabletop gear from over 50 merchants, which included Neutral Grounds Philippines, Block 101 Hobbies Store, DiceSuki Dice, High Market Online, Merchant From The South, Contemporary Nook, UNBOX Greenhills, Robin’s Hobby Shop, Dicerino, and more!

Manila Game Fest had lots of attractions and activities for newcomers, veterans and the curious alike. There were friendly tutorials on how to play new board games and TCGs like Flesh & Blood and Magic: The Gathering from on-site Game Masters. There were also MTG tournaments with over P100,000 in cash prizes. Playing MTG Commander Multi in the Command Zone can let you win exclusive tokens and prizes. Attendees can also experience amazing oversized board games such as Catan and Azul. Anyone could try out the miniature painting contest, large board games, a trivia contest, and the very popular Piso Auction. Special guests that included international board game designer guest, Daryl Chow, PhD, and Filipino artist Miguel Mercado also made the event an engaging one.

Those who have been fans and players of TCGs and board games definitely got to indulge in their passions in competition and in communing with fellow fans through their shared hobbies. And while our team might not be the most ardent experts on TCGs and board games, we were glad that there were also activities that initiates or the curious can be engaged in.

Our congratulations to everyone at Manila Game Fest for providing a fun and enjoyable event to the many fans of games everywhere and we look forward to being present at their future events, which we know can only be even bigger.

arkadymac.com is a media partner for Manila Game Fest. Many thanks to our Correspondent Lia for helping us covet the event, as well as to Tep, Mat and Marvin for their shots.

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