Cosplayers and photographers got together for a admirable cause as they had a special photoshoot for the benefit of a friend last February 11, 2024 at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. Cura for Hades: Cosplay Shoot for a Cause brought a community together pitching in to help while sharing an enjoyable photoshoot with each other.

Organized by Squeenix Productions, a group bound by their love of Square Enix games, Cura for Hades: Cosplay Shoot for a Cause invited Square Enix cosplayers and photographers for a day of enjoyable shoots for the benefit of Hades, the spinner for CosplayPH events. For many years, he has been a part of the stage team that makes cosplay events fun and exciting, like karaoke and talent cosplay contests. He has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Sarcoma cancer and the proceeds from the event will go towards his treatment.

Organizers and attendees gathered at the Tea House for instructions and designations for the individual shoots. They all then went around the many scenic locations at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center to have the shots they were wishing for.

We have gotten word that the event received a splendid amount of donations:

Cura for Hades: Cosplay Shoot for a Cause was a cozy and engaging affair that brought a community together for an admirable endeavor, and we commend Squeenix Productions for making it a reality.

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