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AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 Press Conference

The biggest pop culture event in the Philippines is just around the corner as AsiaPOP Comicon Manila returns with even bigger and more spectacular attractions that fans everywhere are sure to love, and to get to let everyone know what great things to expect, the media was invited for the first glimpse of what is to come at APCC. arkadymac.com has been APCC’s media partner from the very start, and we are fortunate to be able to cover this year’s APCC’s press conference with our Correspondent Rica.

Extreme Moments: Castaways


Extreme Moments Castaways 2015_0001


A total of 61 intrepid souls sailed off to distant Fortune Island off the coast of Batangas for one of the most ambitious collaborative efforts the Philippine cosplay community has ever seen. Extreme Moments: Castaways pushed the limits of creativity, skill and imagination of cosplayers and photographers alike in an out-of-town outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Date and Venue for Extreme Moments 3 Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series Announced


Upcoming Event Extreme Moments 3 Promo_0002


Excitement and high expectations have been going around the community as the third edition of successful Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series has been announced. Filling entire buses of cosplayers and photographers for fun and amazing shoots in distant but spectacular locations outside the city, having shot at Capones Island in Zambales (click for our coverage of Day 1 and Day 2) and at Mt. Samat in Bataan (our coverage can be found here) for the first two editions both earlier this year, Extreme Moments has become a highly anticipated event for the community for its efforts to provide a refreshingly unique experience far different from the usual conventions people have gotten used to.


Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series 2: Mount Samat, Bataan


Extreme Moments 2 Mount Samat_0001


Pushing the limits of having a unique and exhilarating experience for cosplayers and photographers,  the Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series once again set off on another grand adventure after a wildly successful first installment in Capones Island, Zambales earlier this year (click for our coverage of Day 1 and Day 2).  Again filling an entire tourist bus with eager intrepid participants, the team set off to Mt. Samat in Bataan for yet another memorable trip.

GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event

GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0001


Most of the cosplay we present on arkadymac.com tend to be Japanese- or Western-themed or inspired, as cosplayers nowadays have grown up in the influx of popular media from other countries.  This is probably why people often tend to overlook Filipino-inspired ones, which is sad since there is a wealth of talent and ideas and lots of inspiration to be had with original homegrown Filipino characters from Pinoy Komiks, mythology, and folklore.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0002


With this thought in mind, we took personal interest on the GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event, as it featured all the amazing and innovative things the local comic industry had to offer.  Held last October 31,2014 at Fisher Mall in Quezon City, the event was a celebration of the wonderful possibilities Pinoy Komiks still has in store for todays generation of readers.  arkadymac.com is a proud event and media partner to the GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay pre-event, and we’re happy bringing you the highlights of this exciting event.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0023


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0005


The event was kept exciting with Meet-and-Greet and Book-signing sessions by the people who have kept the local Komiks industry alive, such as Pol Medina Jr., creator of Pugad Baboy comics, Berlin Manalaysay creator of Combatron of Funny Komiks, Nikolo Salazar creator of Marianing comics, Gener Pedriña creator of Sanduguan comics, Russell Reyes creator of Liga ni LikeMan comics, Niño Balita creator of Samuel Espiritista comics, Solomon Lim creator of  Alphario: The World Connection, Kimberly Anne Dy Buncio creator of Keiko the Dragon Kid, and John Nano creator of  Kwatrokantos comics.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0052


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0083


There were also art and cosplayer portrait sketching by some really great artists, as well as a drawing contest by sponsor,  Titus Pens, called, “Pinoy Superheroes Vs Mga Aswang.”


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0006


There were games and contests for the audience that kept everyone on their feet, with fun prizes given out.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0066


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0056


All around the venue, various booths from sponsors and partners offered a wonderful variety of items, most especially local komiks, which attendees particularly liked and purchased.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0022


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0017


We took a video of their Pinoy Komiks Superhero presentation:




There was also the presentation for the GTMACCON 4 PInoy Komiks Cosplay competition withSolomon Lim (Dennis Blake), Mark Par (Eurid), Vanessa Aquino (Lucy Patweetums), Ivan Valerio (Boy Bakal), Kiel Se (Heronimo), Patrick Gavino (Manila Man), Ivan Parero (Pinoy Totoy), Ralph Villaluz (Sandata), Xanthe Nicolas (Narra), at Clark Navarro (SpaceMando) as they vied for the chance to be named champion at the Main Event.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0008


Our Cosplay Model Ashley Misaki was there as Samuel Espiritista, also one of the competitors.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0003


We at the team enjoyed ourselves at the event as it was refreshingly new for us having that fun feeling of enjoying Filipino-inspired cosplay and getting to know and acknowledge the people who have kept Pinoy Komiks alive.  We hope to see you on December 6, Saturday, at Fisher Mall in Quezon City for GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay  – Ang MAIN EVENT as we continue to be their event and media partner.


GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0076



GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event_0007


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.


Please click on an image to view slideshow.



Upcoming Event: GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay Pre-event


arkadymac.com is a proud media partner to the GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay pre-event, and we’re inviting you to join the fun tomorrow, October 31,2014, 10-6pm, at Fisher Mall in Quezon City. It’s an event that highlights Pinoy Komiks and the cosplay of original homegrown Filipino characters. Our team will be there bringing you the highlights of this exciting event so we hope to see you there.


Ito ang pre-event ng season 4 ng GTMACCON Pinoy Komiks Cosplay events.

Dito makikilala sa unang pagkakataon ang mga GTMACCON 4 Pinoy Komiks Cosplay competition
official entries.

Watch the Pre-event TVC here:


‘GTMACCON 4 pre-event Maligno cosplay contest’ Magkakaroon rin ng Philippine Mythology cosplay competition para sa mga cosplayers na tutungo sa event.  Paligsahan para pinaka mahusay sa pag cosplay ng mga aswang, tikbalang, kapre, tiyanak, etc.




Meet-and-Greet / Book-signing activities rin ng ating mga Pinoy Komiks idols na sina

– Pol Medina Jr. (Pugad Baboy comics creator)
– Berlin Manalaysay (Funny Komiks – Combatron creator)
– Nikolo Salazar (Marianing comics creator)
– Gener Pedriña (Sanduguan comics creator)
– Russell Reyes (Liga ni LikeMan comics creator)
– Niño Balita (Samuel Espiritista comics creator)
– Solomon Lim (Alphario: The World Connection creator)
– Kimberly Anne Dy Buncio (Keiko the Dragon Kid creator)
– John Nano (Kwatrokantos comics creator)




special screening din ng award-winning aswang animated short film ni Nikolo Salazar na ‘Marianing’




Alamin rin kung sing lakas kayo ng paborito nyong
Pinoy superhero sa Crossfit Halcyon / GTMACCON
Fitness Challenge

Sumali rin sa Titus Pens
‘Pinoy Superheroes Vs Mga Aswang’