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Mata Expo 2015 comes back to the Philippines after two successful events in the country.  This unique event that celebrates cultural diversity through a trade show with exciting features and attractions once again opens its gates at One Esplanade SM Central Business Park last weekend.  It is a consistently anticipated event attended by thousands of people not only from Manila, but from all over the Philippines and all over the world, particularly those from the  deaf and hard-of-hearing people who are excited and proud in organizing and taking part in this unique occasion.


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Mata Expo has been a multicultural trade show that promotes many worthy causes, in particular, fostering awareness for issues regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure research. Mata Expo has toured all over the world, spreading the message of multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and now in the Philippines.


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And as this is the first international event that has become an official media partner to, we fielded in reinforcements: Bryan, our Head Photographer; our Spokesmodel, Aichi; our sessionist photographer Ianah; and our Cosplay Model Ami.  They got to help us out with the coverage and ended up having too much fun in the process, trying out all the fun attractions Mata Expo had put on for all the attendees for free, like the Bull Rider.  We can’t help but try it out of course.  Made us really dizzy and made us fly for a brief moment of time,  but it sure was fun.






A variety of activities went on throughout the length of the event, which started early  morning up until late afternoon within the One Esplanade Hall and all over the covered yard fronting Manila Bay. There was the food fest offering guests many different international cuisine. There were also art and fashion booths with lots of rare  merchandise up for sale.


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There was also a hot dog eating contest, dance contests, raffles, and cultural activities the deaf community took part in.


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Guest groups livened the crowd with outstanding dance performances at different times throughout the event.


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By early afternoon, the Lolita Fashion contest began, and the contestants, dressed in their best lolita outfits, took to the catwalk and put on a good show for the audience.  After the catwalk, there was a question and answer portion.  Later on, the winners were announced and great prizes were awarded.


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Next came the Lolita Fashion show featuring fashion lines Dorotee Sweetlips, Dolldelight , Dolly Kaye and La Princesse Tea Doll.  It was a feast for the senses as one by one, enchanting doll-like models took to the catwalk in exquisite lolita and kawaii creations by the most dynamic designers in the country.  All were enthralled by the delightful spectacle put on by models.  After the show, they were gracious in having photos with the attendees.  We took the opportunity to do shoots on them as well.  We have a more complete coverage of the Lolita Fashion Show and contest here.


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We have the video here:



Then it was time for Cosplay Runway 2.  Organized by Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines, Cosplay Runway aims to promote cosplay as both a fashion and a hobby.  Hoping to integrate these two concepts, Cosplay Runway would be a fashion show that incorporates the many fascinating elements involved in cosplaying: the creativity and imagination that cosplayers have developed over time.  Hosted by David D’ Angelo as Master Pogi, the contest kicked into high gear as contestants took to the catwalk, with a curious and appreciative crowd witnessing their performances.  Seeing the cosplayers showing off their best was quite a sight.  Afterwards, winners were announced and they got to take home some nice prizes.  They included our friends Jeasan, Icee, and Mark.  For a more complete coverage of Cosplay Runway 2, click here.


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We got to record everything on video:



Outside was the bungee/trampoline, and we tried that out too.  It might be twice as fun in cosplay, so our friend Mark and I tried it with … unexpected results.  Thanks for the GIF, Kuro.  Video by Bryan.


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After the last raffles and parting words from the organizers, Mata Expo 2015 came to an end.  It was a unique, fun-filled event that again exceeded expectations, as this Philippine edition drew in thousands of people to take part in this spectacle. The community of deaf and hard-of-hearing people was the majority of the attendees, and they appeared really happy and lively at the event that truly celebrated and welcomed them.  Everyone got to appreciate other cultures and diversity more.


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Our team and everyone else who came had so much fun and enjoyed the event thanks to the very thorough and thoughtful efforts of the organizers.  Our thanks particularly to David Ballard who handled our media partnership.  Thanks also to our friends at NCPH, and to our photographer friends Marvin, Pef, Bernard, Kuro, and to our many cosplayer friends at the event.  They had lots of fun too.  Had time for a few sunset shots, and later that evening was the Pyrolympics at MOA Bayside, capping off a great day.





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We have a video montage of MATA Expo 2015 here:



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