Cosplay at History Con 2017


We at are grateful that History Con gave cosplay a bigger role this year as they have vowed to be bigger, better and bolder than ever.  In just two years, History Con has established itself as Manila’s biggest entertainment convention ever, and as conventions go, cosplay has become a colorful and fascinating part of the festivities.  History Con 217 has been very receptive and appreciative of cosplay, being very generous with prizes, privileges and benefits to attending cosplayers through all four days of the event.

History Con captured the public’s attention and imagination over the course of four days, laying rightful claim as Manila’s biggest entertainment convention.  With its bewildering array of distinguished guests, incredible attractions and a multitude of booths, activities, and exhibits, History Con 2017 had something for everyone and more as one of the most anticipated events of the year. Helping us cover the event was our Cosplay Model and Correspondent Nicole, who got to experience the sights and sounds of History Con cosplaying Selene from Underworld.

Starting out with historical cosplay and cosplay based on History Channel shows last year, History Con gave cosplay a bigger part this year, and there were a lot of cosplayers who got to join in this year’s festivities.

Popular culture has always been an important part of History Con, and this year saw even more displays and exhibits of comics and special collectibles of superheroes, and toys by creative talents in the Philippines and around the world.  Also, the superheroes and many colorful characters from these works come to life through the art and creative expression of cosplay.

In their colorful costumes and with their imaginative concepts, attendees could not help but admire them and have photos taken of them and with them.

Our Correspondent Nicole expressed how grateful she was to be invited as one of the cosplayers for History Con.  She says that she was treated well and had fun in the festive and friendly environment at History Con.   Feeling welcome as a cosplayer in an event, she says, made her enjoy the event to her hearts content.  For her, History Con has been a memorable event and is already looking forward to being a part of the next one.

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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack took up AB English Studies, Major in Creative Writing at UP Diliman. Currently works for a medical transcription company. He is the Creative Director of The Cosplay Cafe:, doing photography, writing, and reporting for the website. His line of photography specializes in cosplay event coverage, having covered 300 events in a span of 3 years. Loves cute and furry things.