There was fun for everyone at Otacon 2014 last November 1 at the Glorietta 3 Event Center.  Anime, manga, cosplay, game and all kinds of pop culture  enthusiasts gathered for a celebration of all the things that make the otaku subculture a fun and colorful one.  There was  never a shortage of music, games, contests and performances to keep both attendees and onlookers happy and excited all throughout the day.




arkadymac.com was the official media partner for Otacon, and were there to join in the fun and bring you the highlights of this exciting new pop culture convention.  Besides covering the event,  arkadymac.com’s Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Ai Chi, Jillian, and Keileen were there for a special appearance.  Also there were our Cosplay Models Nicolette and Ashley, who was there to compete.  Everyone had a great time taking photos of them and with them.






Otacon was an event that celebrates the many fun aspects of popular culture: anime, gaming, manga, cosplay, comics, among many others.




Special attractions include our friends at Talking Apples Maid & Butler Cafe, who were be there to serve delightful treats like their famed peanut butter and jelly cupcakes to regular and new and curious customers alike.  With their courteous and pleasing butlers and maids who were in character and who love what they do, guests simply couldn’t get enough of them.  arkadymac.com’s cosplay models had a great time with their tasty treats and were given great service by the staff.









Ninja Academy PH had a demonstration of parkour and ninja skills that amazed the crowd.




There wasn’t an idle moment as all throughout the event there was an exciting lineup of live performances by guest J-Pop/J-Rock inspired bands and dance groups, like Kudos Crew, Zoryl, Borealis, Read My Lips, Lirei Ningyou, Myo Hako, SGR 48, Crossback, Ivy Musume, Asterysk, and Ikuzo Iwa.









In between performers there were games, features and presentations from the organizers and sponsors.




Special attractions were the different contests for the event, like the Cosplay Empire which was open to all individuals or groups, with characters from any anime, game and comic titles.









There was the Ace of cosplay where participants chose to portray any witch, sorcerer, wizard, or mage character from any anime, game, or comics.







There was also the Otaku Audio Singing Contest where those who joined chose songs/OSTs from any anime, game or Japanese (series or movie) titles.




Then there was the Artworx Drawing Contest where participants could draw,illustrate, paint or sketch characters or landscapes/scenes from any anime, game or comic titles.




There was the Lolita and Kimono fashion show through Talking Apples Maid and Butler Cafe, to the delight of the audience.






With some videos here:



And all throughout the event venue there were lots of cosplayers who enjoyed taking photos with the crowd and with each other.











There was some problems regarding the schedules of the segments, but on a whole we got to enjoy the event and we certainly had fun with everyone.  The organizers then had a presentation at the end of their upcoming projects and events that are definitely worth looking forward to.  Many thanks to the organizers for a great event and we’re certainly excited to attend future ones.



Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.


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