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“I love serious and mysterious types,” Rochelle tells us, referring to the characters she chooses to portray through cosplay.  She has only been cosplaying for roughly two years, but she has come to love it wholeheartedly.  We of course admire that attitude, which was why we have decided to invite her for the website.  Presenting our latest Cosplay Model Rochelle in her first online feature for as Nagato of the wildly popular game and anime Kantai Collection.


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“I’m very small in person,” Rochelle admits with a shy smile.  Photos of her though are larger than life, her portrayals earning her the admiration of her peers.  Cosplay has allowed her to overcome her limitations and has given her some measure of confidence despite her size.


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“People think I’m snobbish, although deep down I’m really just very shy,” she tells us in our interview that warm afternoon in Mount Samat, the setting sun bathing her in a warm, golden glow.   Her face had such soft features, making her look pleasant and gentle.  She had such expressive eyes, often warm and inviting, but can be fierce when she needs to be.


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She carries herself well, know her poses, projects like a pro.  One wouldn’t think she started cosplaying not so long ago.  “My very first character was Kagome of Inuyasha,” she reminisces.  “It has been a while, I guess,” she smiles.


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“Cosplay makes me happy,” Rochelle admits when we ask her why she cosplays.  “It’s fun, and I get to meet some really great people.”

“Cosplay gets me excited,” she adds.  “when I get to see my cosplay friends and when I get to meet great cosplayers at events.  “Cosplay lets me become creative, and I’m also happy I get told I do good.”


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When not cosplaying, she tells us she has other things she indulges herself in.  “I like singing, and drawing a bit, and I would like to learn how to sew,” she says.  “I like pizza.  I like fries,” she admits with a wide grin.  “I love cats.”

Rochelle tells us she has been rather busy lately.  “Photoshoots have gotten me occupied,” she says, “but of course I make sure to spend lots of time with my kids.”


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What else does Rochelle want to accomplish in her journey to the cosplay world?  “I want to complete all versions of Rei Ayanami of Neo Genesis Evangelion.  It has been my dream for quite a while,” she confesses with a determined smile.


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We of course wish to close with some words from Rochelle:  “I would like to thank my family and Dave for supporting me. Many thanks to my friends and the people who helped me with my costumes.  Thanks also to the great photographers that I have worked with. I had great times with all you. Thank you so much.”


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Thank you for supporting our feature on Rochelle, and we hope you can continue to support her in her endeavors.


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