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International online cosplay group Cosplay Circle had its first official grand gathering last weekend at the ToyCon 2015 event at the Megatrade Halls of SM Megamall in the Philippines.  Founded by Alodia Gosiengfiao, Cosplay Circle is a group that fosters acceptance, appreciation and camaraderie for everyone who enjoys and loves cosplay as a hobby and as a passion.


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Since it started some moths back, Cosplay Circle has been nothing short of phenomenal, now with 25,000 members, bringing together cosplayers, photographers, and enthusiasts of cosplay from all over the world.  Moderated by some of the most respected individuals in the cosplay scene, the group strives to foster a community of enthusiasts where everyone can get to share their cosplay experience with the rest of the world, a testament how cosplay has reached far and wide and how it has become a part of people’s lives everywhere.


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Miss Alodia got to personally oversee the construction of the booth, and by Saturday it was ready to accept the hundreds of CC members who were excited to take part in the first official grand gathering ever since it was announced by Alodia some time ago.

Circa is Cosplay Circle’s official mascot and she figures prominently on the booth background art.  Designed and created by Alodia herself, Circa has taken a life of her own, becoming very popular with the members and becoming the subject of fanart and actual cosplays.  On display was a Circa doll who had her fair share of fans who were delighted to take photos of her.


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Welcoming people to the booth were the friendly and tireless Cosplay Circle admins and marshals who were there from ingress till closing.  They facilitated the first official grand gathering, welcoming existing members and recruiting new ones.


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Those who could show they were members were given an official Cosplay Circle pin by the admins.  Those who were curious and interested were given the chance to enlist on the spot as well.  Cosplayers in particular enjoyed being at the booth and claiming their pins, since it was the first time members got to meet outside the online group.  Cosplay Circle has become one of the most active and enjoyable cosplay groups online, so cosplayers take pride being a part of it, like our Cosplay Model Miki.


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There was also a freedom board where anyone can leave a message, draw doodles, or share their cos cards for everyone to see.  It got filled up quite well, to the delight of Alodia and the admins.


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The admins then got to have some photos at the booth: Alodia, Liui, Alex, Telly (and me taking the photo), with Circa in tow of course.  They got to spend some time with some of the members as well.


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All in all it was a fun first grand gathering for the group, with hundreds dropping by to say hi, share stories, and meet new members.  Alodia and the admins would like to thank all the members who got to visit the booth.  They gave hints that there will be more live meetups and gatherings at other events soon, so do keep posted at the group:


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Hats off to the tireless marshals and photographers of Cosplay Circle for a job  well done.


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