Prelude to Daydreams 3: Final Spectacle


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All good things come to an end, but this ending is not a sad one.  Daydreams 3 reaches its last edition: the Final Spectacle, but it will go down in living memory as one of the best collaborative efforts the local cosplay community has ever seen. has been a part of this endeavor since the very first Daydreams, so we are glad to bring our readers the highlights of this amazing project and are equally glad to have seen it through the end.


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Conceptualizing and organizing Daydreams since the very start is James Paolo Angeles, who for months has been orchestrating this final installment to the series together with co-organizers Eric DC and Alphard Penetrante, making all the necessary arrangements and taking care of even the smallest details to make sure that the culmination of this project will be an experience everyone can enjoy and take pride in.


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Daydreams 3 features some of the most talented cosplayers in the country, their shots taken by some of the most skilled photographers the community has to offer.  It was a day of synergy and creative collaboration as participants showed their love for their craft as they had an amazing time shooting at the many fantastic locations at the majestic Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City.


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Our coverage team had a delightful time with all the cosplayers there, with our Coverage Partner Jillian taking most of our shots.


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We would also like to share the great preview video by our good friend EJ ayalde of Ayaldev Creatives:



We at and our media partner Otaku Asia Magazine were given exclusive coverage of this incredible event, so watch out for our special edition on Daydreams 3: Final Spectacle, with the full tale to be very soon here on our website.


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