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A phenomenal event from start to finish, Rampage 2015 lived up to expectations of being the biggest one-day, one-game event of the year, filling the World Trade Center in Pasay City to capacity with League of Legends players, fans, cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country.  Garena in cooperation with SMART Prepaid and GameX presented Rampage to the public for its fourth year, and with tournaments, cosplay contests, games, booths, attractions and sidelights going on at any given time, Rampage had attendees enjoying themselves the whole of August 22, 2015.


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Rampage is one of the biggest gaming events in the country, and we in the community are happy that the organizers have made cosplay a mainstay of the festivities as well.  We at the website are glad to be an official media partner covering the event.  Joining us for our coverage are our correspondents and Cosplay Models Ai Chi, Keileen and Nicolette who helped us bring the highlights, the action,  and many interesting things at Rampage 2015.


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With players in the millions since it was released, League of Legends has had a strong following among local gamers, spawning communities and professional teams who trooped to the World Trade Center in droves, many even before the sun rose that morning to line up and be first to enter the event and despite the sudden intermittent stormy weather.  As anticipated, as with the previous years, long lines of attendees materialized but were managed by the organizers as well as the staff of WTC.  With security measures taken, ticket holders were let in as the gates opened by 8:30.


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One’s first peek inside would reveal the spacious main hall for Rampage, as well as the huge stage and video walls in front of the VIP area, which would be filled up to capacity inside as well as outside by the audience as the day went on.


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By then esports action was already underway with the LoL Collegiate League where teams from different universities from the Philippine university belt battled it out for top prizes.  With exciting commentary provided by great shoutcasters, we witnessed the battle of wits from the simultaneous showing the games of AMA VS APC and MAPUA VS DLSU. All teams showed impressive skills and tactics, with AMA and MAPUA emerging victorious in their respective games.


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In between games, our coverage team had time to check out the other attractions at the venue, like the iAcademy Game Van, where our correspondents enjoyed themselves.  For quite some time too.


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There were great Rampage displays, LoL photo walls and photobooths where attendees can have fun pictures with by themselves or with friends.  There was even a mini LoL art exhibit.


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Besides Garena who oversaw the tournaments and information, various booths from sponsors and exhibitors had lots of games and giveaways for attendees, keeping everyone busy and excited all day.


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The Rampage experience wouldn’t be complete without the exclusive event merchandise and freebies, and the lines for the redemption and Merchandise Caravan was always long.  The fans say though that it was all worth it.


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A highlight of the event was Cosplay Clash, the biggest League of Legends-themed cosplay competition in the country.  It has gotten bigger and better over the years, with huge cash prizes in Solo and Group categories.  A team of formidable judges were tasked the difficult duty of picking out the best among a great number of contestants for that contest.  Judges included prominent cosplayers Liui Aquino, Elie Ai, andv Lyron Aquino.


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Cosplayers portrayed their favorite League of Legends characters on stage in innovative, exciting, and at times amusing performances in both the Solo and Group Categories.  They wowed the crowd with their finely crafted costumes and their excellent characterization as they brought their favorite champions to life.


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Named as champion for the Solo Category was Izaiah Luke Buelos for his exceptional performance as Super Galaxy Rumble.  He and his father Jay Ar, who created his amazing costume complete with electronics and a number of moving parts, got to take home 30,000 pesos in cash.


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World-renowned cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao made a special appearance cosplaying Ahri.  She addressed the audience and her many cosplayer fans, then she gave away autographed posters to the crowd.


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Later that afternoon special guest DJ Cathy Frey whipped the Rampage audience into a frenzy as she played hit after hit in her DJ Sona performance, showing why she’s one of the hottest DJs in the city.  Fans were dancing, shouting, singing and waving to her beats as she almost literally brought the house down.


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Besides those who competed, there were even more cosplayers who attended Rampage who chose to have fun with the crowd, having their pictures taken by and with the crowd and spending time with fellow LoL players, cosplayers and enthusiasts. Among them are our correspondents and Cosplay Models who joined us at the event, including Irene, Mikki and Ai Chi.


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Most of the attendees however were there just to partake in the sights and sounds and the exciting atmosphere that has always been a trademark of Rampage.  Our cosplay models Nicole and Mina were there just to have a look, watch the games,  and have an enjoyable time with fellow League of Legends fans.


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Throughout the day the The GameX Pro Gaming Series Finals presented live eSports action as the top teams from the GameX Pro Gaming Series 2015 Summer Season went head to head to see who will be named the season’s champion.


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IPT Blue, IPTS’s lower branch team against Mineski.Globe. IPT Blue started strong and aggressive, showing great potential against the Mineski.Globe, but as the game progressed they were soon trampled by the quick strategy of Mineski.Globe. IPT Pro then won against IPT Blue, sending them to the finals to compete against Mineski.Globe for the championship.


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The Rampage crowd had been watching intently all throughout the day, and they were watching with bated breath as the finals started. Every move both the teams made were aggressive until finally Mineski.Globe pulls off the almost impossible, winning two consecutive games for the championship. The crowd went crazy as it was so rare to have watched a game so good and so exciting.   After the final raffles, the awarding ceremony officially ended Rampage 2015, with IPT Blue as second runner up, IPT Pro first runner up, and Mineski.Globe as the champions, taking home huge prizes for their efforts.


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Fans and attendees got what they came for: gaming and cosplay fun in generous amounts, and the organizers outdid themselves in staging an event this huge.  Rampage 2015 is  a testament to the incredible popularity of the game and the community that has grown around it, with thousands in attendance filling the World Trade Center to capacity.  We now wonder what more we will see next year.


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