Staying true to its hopes and dreams to connect fans with their idols, Cosplay Up! 2023 brought a lot fun and excitement to the many fandoms from all over last March 11 and 12 , 2023, at the Malabon Grand Hotel Events Place.

Inviting even more special guests than their successful initial event last year, Cosplay Up brought many stellar personalities from cosplay, art, music and cyberspace, much to the delight to an even wider audience and fandoms.

One Final Dream brings back Cosplay Up, an event by fans for fans, and this years edition has made quite the stir in the community as it got to feature incredible personalities and talents from here and abroad, which included much-admired names like V-Project’s Aki, Olivie, Toto, and Hanari from Hong Kong.

From our local cosplay community they had Zackt, Roxanne Kho, Jane Yu, Diane, and Lia Bear. Then there were Elybunny Animations and JenAnimation. Cosplay Up also invited VTubers Ayumi & Meki who performed a cute and fun dance in front of the live audience. They also invited two japanese VTubers, Mea Yashiroma and Shijou Yuri who performed amazing songs, as well as interacted and played a game with the audience via a LED wall. They all brought a truly engaging and memorable event for fans by fans.

There were artist booths at the venue selling their own merchandise, which included fanart, t-shirts, stickers, and many more. Some of our favorite local cosplayers had booths as well like our good friends Roxanne Kho, Zackt, Cholo Tolentino, and’s cosplay model Jane Yu.

Cosplay Up this year also partnered with the OtaCute Maid Cafe! The maids, Chie, Aster, Sally, and Mayumi, performed song and dance performances on both days.

Prominent local guest cosplayers like Roxanne Kho, Zackt, LiliAsh, Diane Sabandeja, Jane Yu, and Maika Yinghua performed song and dance performances on both days, then played games with the audience.

V-Project’s Hanari, Olivie, and Toto were on their second appearance in the Philippines, while it was the first time for AKi. They each performed songs on the second day, and also played rock, paper, scissors with the audience! Hanari, AKi, Olivie and Toto had their meet and greet sessions with their fans on both days. They also invited Roie the cellist to play four songs live in front of the live audience!

There we other engaging activities for everyone, which included talk and interview segment by ElyBunny and JenAnimations. There was the exciting cosplay competition happened on the first day, with our member Darene as one of the judges along with Maika Yinghua and LiaBear. The contestants definitely showed their talents and wonderful cosplays in extraordinary performances. The singing competition happened on the second day judged by Diane Sabandeja, Maika Yinghua, and Ai Natsume. Amazing contestants belted it out and gave their best performances to the cheers of the crowd.

Even while it featured a stellar roster of special guests, Cosplay Up! 2023 still was an uplifting experience for the community where guest coplayers and fans can got together and had a memorable time together, enjoying each other’s company and sharing their love for their fandom.

Cosplay Up 2023 was a truly enjoyable event for attendees, and we are already looking forward for their next edition. Make sure to stay tuned to the One Final Dream and Cosplay Up! Facebook pages. is proud to be the official media partner for Cosplay Up. Many thanks to our Correspondent Darene for reporting on the event and to our Photographer Marvin for his shots of the event.

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